Finished emoji commission of Ferris the Rustacean for @shello!

@shello plans on sharing them somewhere sometime (they're licensed CC BY-NC-SA!)

@dzuk @shello Have you uploaded the source files somewhere? I'd love to put them onto #matrix as a stickerpack

@jcgruenhage @dzuk Yup, I've submitted a Pull Request to with the files a few hours ago. If it gets approved as is, the ZIP with the emojis will be available from Ferris' website. :)

Meanwhile it's possible to download the files from the PR, if you wish:

@shello @dzuk Cool, I've put up the pack at

Sadly the bot for creating stickerpacks didn't ask for the license, so the license isn't mentioned *yet*, but I've already contacted the admin to put the correct license next to it. Currently if you click on the license it says "The sticker pack was created by a Matrix user, however the license is unavailable. Sorry."

Thanks for making these, they are really cute :)

Hooray! Dzuk's Ferris emoji is now on for download!

Thanks to @aldeka for being receptive to hosting the files, and for approving the pull request so quickly.
And thanks once more to @dzuk for licensing zir lovely artwork under CC BY-NC-SA. Please credit zir if you use the emoji elsewhere. ☺️

@dzuk Thank you! I love them, they look soooo cute! 🧡

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