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Balloon Dorc @dzuk

A worker-owned, anti-capitalist streaming service has emerged -

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A little bit more information about them -

The team behind it is the team that was behind AOC's campaign ad, the owner of the original Nyan Cat YT video channel has handed it over to these people so they can game the algorithm to promote their promotional videos

(There's also a really cool british anti-capitalist news/media organisation that's been going on for many years now and are definitely worth supporting -

@masklayer @dzuk ãesthetíc

((probably placeholder junk that looks nice but is functionally shit))

context: i lived in michigan in the 2000s, including the during the era of the failing motor industry Show more

@dzuk based in Detroit too, makes me happy to see stuff like this coming out of my home state

@dzuk I know these people irl! They're awesome!!!

@dzuk "Anti-Capitalist" but with tracking from Google, Microsoft, Stripe, Cloudflare, IAC?