Someone is proposing a way of making emoji encoding a less closed system, by essentially using Wikidata ID numbers for encoding instead of Unicode codepoints.

It's probably not free of some of the issues I have been talking about Unicode in Mutant Standard, but it is a lot better!

(via @nightpool)

@dzuk @nightpool does nothing to solve the issue of inconsistent display, and has issues with if people decide something is 'not notable' but is a major step up yeah.

@keiyakins @dzuk wikidata has a very different notability policy then wikimedia, and, as a community-driven project, this is reflective of the people involved in it.

@dzuk @nightpool Checking if I understand this correctly with an example:

if two platforms independently decide to introduce (say) a QID polar bear emoji, then both of them would generate the same emoji tag sequence to represent it ... so if someone on platform A makes a post with a polar bear emoji in it and someone copies the text and pastes it into platform B, platform B will correctly recognize it as a polar bear emoji and render it with their own emoji font?

That is very cool.

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