Firewatch w/ driver glitches set 1 (flashing images!) 

For those who can't see the flashing images, here are some pretty awesome stills :3

It's a mystery how it really came to be because these glitches aren't an on/off thing, the accuracy of visual stuff on my computer degrades over a short period of time (until I force it to reset graphics by toggling display resolution) and it normally fucks things up in one particular way, but on some occasions with the right software and at the right point of deterioration it does unexpected and interesting stuff like this.

Oh, I also noticed that this effect only seems to take place when in between what I assume is Firewatch's seamless loading zones (because they're all nooks and crannies and areas where you're climbing and looking at nothing but shale)

@multiple_creatures Yeah, it has a real 'irresponsible fire lookout takes mushrooms while on the job' kinda vibe

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