Apple's car emoji are weirdly dated. Especially the buses. A reflection on America's shit public transport infrastructure? :throunking:

Mutant Standard's designs are meant to emulate vehicle designs made between late 90's to now, but they feel positively futuristic compared to Apple.

@dzuk the buses mostly look like American school buses, which would tie in with a culture where many people only use a bus for school travel until around middle school age (by age 16 in high school it appears that many young Americans already have a driving licence and access to a motor car (even if its the parents second/third/fourth family vehicle)

@vfrmedia @dzuk the Apple bus emoji looks more like American public transit buses from the late 90s to me. The Facebook ones look like school buses.

@savagegoose @dzuk buses are kept in service quite long and often have coachwork built separately from the chassis/engine, so look "older" than they actually are if the coachbuilders keep design elements constant over a few years/decades (which often happens in the UK)

if I were asked to draw a bus (which I am not much good at) it would very likely look like a Leyland Olympian (double decker) or an Optare Metrorider (single decker) simply because they are what I remember from my youth..

@vfrmedia @dzuk this is the first thing that comes into my mind when I think of a bus, and it's a trolley. Followed by an Albuquerque rapid ride accordion bus.
Then American long school buses.

The buses that replaced these trolleys look a lot like the Apple bus emoji in my memory, but those memories are second hand. I moved to Pittsburgh in '08, long after the change.

(Attached is a photo of a decommissioned Pittsburgh PCC trolley in ok shape in the woods.)

@savagegoose @dzuk

As a Londoner I remember the (original) Routemaster bus, but this would be hard to depict on an emoji.

use of vehicles from former eras has a precedent in British road signs - they still use the outline of a late 1960s era British car popular when the signs were first introduced but very rare today (rust and many scrapped to provide parts for MG and more desirable British classics).

The sign means "no motor vehicles" rather than a prohibition against motorcycle stunts 😆

@vfrmedia @savagegoose yeah, I tried to not go for anything super-new, just what I'm used to riding whenever I've ridden a bus atm, which tend to be late 90's/early 00's at their oldest.

The oldest bus I've ridden in recent memory was on a route that was on a very empty route that probably only existed because the university I was at paid them to in order to serve transport between their two separated campuses, and it was only that bus on certain occasions so I assume it was just in reserve.


i think it's due to a more general nostalgic haze meant to obscure the rough edges of surveillance capitalism ...

but you are absolutely correct about shit public transport in 'murica

@js0000 yeah, a part of me was wondering if nostalgia was also a reason, because Apple in particular has a thing for mid-century Americana that they really exhibited during their iOS skeuomorphism phase, and you can see that in their tech emoji too.

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