This is possibly one of the biggest differences with Mutant Standard and the American sets. It's also probably one of the strongest rules in Mutant Standard.

@dzuk is this done for aesthetics, or accessibility? (I had noticed that Mutant Standard emoji are easier to see even at the small size they usually appear at on most devices.)

@not_on_pizza Yep, quote from the colour section of my WIP manual:

'Colour is a unique part of Mutant Standard's aesthetic. Unlike other emoji sets, Mutant Standard is much more polarised and contrasted.

The premise in Mutant Standard is that colour should be bold and refreshing. This means using colour as a limited resource so when it is presented to the user, it's not exhausting.'

@dzuk I know this wasn't what you meant, but the word "polarised" feels appropriate given your feelings about certain... organizations...

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