Comparing size performance for lossless AVIF on an in-progress version of Mutant Standard 0.4.1. It's lower, but not as low as the competition, and it took an incredibly long time to compile.

(I know that AVIF is counting on new dedicated hardware coming in 2020, it still sucks though, and it's not actually worth it!)

Textual stats of that chart 

I should also say that due to a lack of viewers atm, I can't actually tell if the AVIF images were successful. The only working viewer I could find 1. doesn't show transparency (or the encoder failed to preserve it) and 2. it's showing a bunch of artifacts. IDK if that means the viewer is bad, the encoding is bad or AVIF Lossless isn't actually lossless

(currently using a WASM decoder

@dzuk Why would they build a lossless image format on top of a lossy video format anyway?

@kirby I have no idea. To be honest, I'm confused as to the existence of this format at all. It's just slow as fuck and isnt as good as other formats.

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