(trying to design a boost indicator that doesn't rely on colour)

its not just good for colourblindness, it's also useful for when you want to keep the number of colours down in a theme (like i do~)

aaand a circular one for maximum silhouette diff

aaand in a post

I don't quite like the added visual noise of the edge between the fill and the line? It's just a compromise cuz you can't really fill the boost icon fully without it being an unreadable blob

I'll do some more tweaks later but it's a good start

@dzuk this is good. I have a hard time with the buttons as they are tbh

@interneteh in the thing this is designed for, you can choose between icon and text buttons for spaces like these, as well as shape hinting ^^

I'm just trying to make the icon versions of these look/work better

@interneteh ('the thing' being a prototype hypothetical thing I'm working on for fun)

@dzuk well, it's super good work! Thanks for thinking of colorblind accessibility

@dzuk And also for people like me who use a grey scale filter at night!
As always, accessibility doesn't benefit only people who have permanent disabilities, but also those with temporary or situational disabilities!

@Lotherme I randomly inserted a mention in a novelty Lorem ipsum generator... didn't notice that outcome lol

non-serious version 

non-serious version 

@dzuk I'd say this is worth pushing upstream as part of an official colorblind or monochrome/grayscale theme, tbh. This is great and way better than the current color-based scheme, and I'm not colorblind in the least.

@KitsuneAlicia thanks! this is just for my own personal thing, I don't touch Masto ^^

@dzuk Thank you! I use eink devices and have no color cues on them so these details matter, even outside the usual color accessibility issues. (Yeah, I know, not my instance, but I can hope your work will propagate.)

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