Boomer emoji

A little emoji set that I originally did in the summer for Mutant Standard special, but they kinda felt out of place there, so I've published them on my personal emoji place:

No time to publish when integenerational conflict enters The Discourse again :P

It wasn't that that made me do it though, a friend reminded me that I actually had these lying around in the first place X3

anyone remember those awful Smiley Central ads from the 00's?


I just realised those pics didn't show off the sheer amount of boomer emoji I actually made, here's the full set!

I like how the minion one is called 'boomer cyclops' because it was intended for Mutant Standard so I didn't want to be getting all in their IP.

@dzuk Where’s the “boomer offers support by encouraging you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps... again” face?

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