:drake_dislike: Observing a YouTube boycott that has no organisation and no real base of support during the final days of an election that's hugely important internationally

:drake_like: Sharing videos with your undecided voter friends about how the tory Brexit is a sham like this one:


and get a government that will strengthen working class people in the UK and in the global south.


I cannot understate enough how many undecided voters there are this late in the election, please talk to your friends and family, talk to them about why you're voting Labour and ignore this ridiculous boycott.

@dzuk I've heard that the UK is trying to do a different "strike" to work around the election, which basicalyl tells you everything you need to know about how seriously to take this strike in the first place

@witchfynder_finder it's not even a strike; it's a goddamn boycott, on a platform with a teeny leftist contingent.

@dzuk And yet everyone around here keeps calling it a strike and saying that if you don't do it you're a scab

it's very silly

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