It's one of those that does ligatures, including ones that are relevant to Elm and after seeing the ligatures in my Elm code my brain is like "YESSSS"

@dzuk Hm. I see my current fav font is going this way too. Not sure what I think about that yet

@dzuk I tried this and honestly, I didn't realise how much of a difference it would make

like, this is just… a better font than Fira Mono, and it looks nicer but has all the same ligatures. <3

@dzuk Well time to switch my font on my own stuff too, this is a nice one

@dzuk oh this looks nice. It may even unseat my current fav NanumGothicCoding

@dzuk was mildly wary because jetbrains is A Corporation but they seem to have licensed it in a very reassuring way :blobcat:

@dzuk It'll take a lot to dislodge Fantasque ss01 (yes.) but this is nice

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