New 'shutter' design (my phrasing for CW), dug out the old video player layout for some testing and refinement (the video player doesn't actually work atm, I need to learn about how to do stuff like that~)

Part of the announcement that the hacker gave with their recent hack of an offshore bank~ :3

(The skeleton says 'Be gay, do crimes!' in Spanish :3)


Myst III Photogrammetry (spoilers), Narayan 

ahhhh, the enduring appeal of the Hipster lorem ipsum generator

Froyo Tam of Y2K Aesthetic Institute and Terrel Davis designed/produced the packaging for CAH's 2000s nostalgia pack! :3

New Myst III motion track (spoilers) 

I just realised those pics didn't show off the sheer amount of boomer emoji I actually made, here's the full set!

especially so when you look at their optional front panel...

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