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Dzuk / ズック / 쑥

Finished emoji commission of Ferris the Rustacean for @shello!

I still have open slots for emoji commissions! If you'd like professionally finished vector emoji of your OC (and help a stuggling disabled queer designer in the process), check me out!

Finished commission for @Aros's latest OC! It was a lot of fun to do! ^w^

A commission for @boisdevache of their cute guinea pigs!

Changed the wording to something a little less existential.

IBM Plex Thai, Devanagari, Arabic and Hebrew 😍

First image from Mark Frömberg, the designer of the Thai typeface (, the rest come from Adobe Fonts' samples.

Yeah, I'm kinda digging this single-column concept the more I look at it.

Using IINA to play folders of music takes me back to the simple days of WinAmp <3

A commission for @lexchimera (as a gift for !) ^w^

a depressed internet review someone made