Using the @parastat Closed Alpha server (which only currently has a CLI interface) right now be like

What the ligatures in JetBrains Mono look like in my Elm code

(I understand that ligatures aren't everyone's cup of tea, but my brain likes graphical representations a lot, soooo)

For the first time, the Parastat client now recieves updates from a Parastat server!

(As many of my followers will know, the Parastat client has come from a very long personal project, so server stuff has come much later than everything else that has been made so far :3)

Current code stats for the @parastat interface~

I don't think this program knows what Stylus is though...

inflation, sona (not lewd or anything) 

I just looked at their site, and whoever writes these.... goddamn

Looking at the Playdate factory video in more detail, I think it's quite possible the console has non-soldered batteries (yay!), I can't personally say for sure though.

(also the PCBs are black! :3)

They've also given a sneak peek of a prototype case :3

lol someone at VICE wrote an article and linked to another article a way where they accidentally kept some sort of editorial preview token in the URL, thus ending up with this web preview (this is not Firefox):

The Guardian: *uses allegedly and 'they said' whenever labour says something regardless of it's factuality*

also The Guardian:

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