I made a quick and bad sketch of @Kavaeric and his new design.
I really like his new design tbh.
Not so much my drawing skills so be sure to look at his own work!


Steven Spielberg's AI but starring Rüm Partov

@rumpartov's many jobs 

bot, potentially bad 

@RumPartov: possibly the most active Swedish parlimentarian on Mastodon

Rum Partov: a brief history 

Rum is like that old person who's way too eager to tell you their life story

server update:

the server is still bad, everyone is taking a break

lightly hitting a furry with a bun



Gotta love spending time cleaning corrosion and rust from computer parts because your cat peed on them...

Publically published in 1446, written by King Sejong The Great and Jeong In-ji, the Hunminjeongeum is the document defining for the first time ever a new Korean script, Hangul, that has been in usage on-and-off across history from that point in time, and that is in usage today.


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