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Dzuk / ズック / 쑥

A little bit more information about them -

The team behind it is the team that was behind AOC's campaign ad, the owner of the original Nyan Cat YT video channel has handed it over to these people so they can game the algorithm to promote their promotional videos

A worker-owned, anti-capitalist streaming service has emerged -

Okay, Affinity Designer is screwing with me. It's exporting SVG files that has shapes that don't have fills or stroke colours when they should.

This works for normal image purposes, but when in a font, the text renderer goes 'oh hey, let me fill this in with the font colour uwu'

svgcleaner seems to be part of it but doesn't have full responsibility. Affinity Designer is next.

Hooray! Dzuk's Ferris emoji is now on for download!

Thanks to @aldeka for being receptive to hosting the files, and for approving the pull request so quickly.
And thanks once more to @dzuk for licensing zir lovely artwork under CC BY-NC-SA. Please credit zir if you use the emoji elsewhere. ☺️

(it doesn't consistently strip styles and it will randomly remove fills and strokes from your svgs)

okay, I think I can definitively say that svgcleaner is a bad and unreliable piece of software.

Some political media that came out this week that I like Show more

(Also svgcleaner is not particularly consistent when it comes to stripping style attributes from svgs, it will just randomly not strip certain ones. Whyyyy is everything being a pain :angry_steam_ms: )

@kellerfuchs OpenType. It's a """standard""" of using SVG images as glyphs in an OpenType font.

Slam Apple all you like for making their own graphics table format for their emoji fonts but it's really plug and play compared to all of th eothers I'm working with rn.

- The way vendors use it is inconsistent af
- fill and stroke colours are still missing in my compilation process and it makes no goddamn sense
- macOS will just refuse to render the font when certain glyphs are present, its unclear what's causing it, it's definitely not something in my glyphs that's non-compliant with the standard >:C

It's been like, several weeks and I'm not any closer to integrating SVGinOT with my emoji making workflow.

SVGinOT is such an awful format to deal with god fucking damn it x_x

blanket fort update: because I'm still sick I haven't had the energy to put the guest bed's bedding away. and she snuggles in it every day!

Finished emoji commission of Ferris the Rustacean for @shello!