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(Maybe Nintendo is a little bit better than the others in terms of not getting into rentierism and hardware that's spitefully un-upgradeable (yet), but I don't like Nintendo's games, so whatever)

(and no, just playing a PC game with a controller is in no way comparable, it's a pretty unreliable and sub-par experience)

OUYA was bad from a business standpoint but I still very much am behind anyone honestly trying to make independent/small-scale gaming systems.

I really don't like PC games and I don't want to have to choose between different brands of parasitic mega-corps to have a console experience.

Some misc. Japanese consoles, including a Dreamcast TV

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@kiilas is a very good and cute catgirl commission assistant <3

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@Siphonay This doesnt cover exactly that but I think it touches on that sort of current, talking about morality and politics more generally.

@Zeny both monorails and tunnels are very good things. But putting them together??? whoa.

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playdate liked my playdate emoji uwu

and I will get right back to commissions tomorrow, thank you all my lovely clients for being patient as I've been going through a shit month <3

I'll probably eventually bundle these in with the controller emoji, for a super pack of gaming stuff.

I'm kind of a sad orc tonight, so I decided to do some portable game console emoji.