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Looking at the model again, yep, still think he looks more human and attractive

Also he straight up looks like a Hitman Agent with hair

everyone: they made the g man scarier
me: they made the g man hot

I’m still really deep in the hole after car repairs and being sick. Rent is coming up, and we can’t make it without help. I’m sorry to ask, but I’m working as hard as I can and it’s not enough. Please help us. Every spare cent we’ve had has gone into these repairs and trying to come back. I’m the only one working right now, and I can’t keep up the pace anymore. #TransCrowdFund$chillauryn

updated: during the demo they threw rocks at the glass to prove it was unbreakable. it broke anyway. I'm not making this up

They have learned about our secret leftist plot: Smooth Bernie

Old-time proverb: "The decreasing graph is mightier than the sword".

i said to @dzuk that the cat jamp on the pillow and now i have to explain that jamp is the past tense of jump and ze is annoyed >.>

Will be playing Sonic Adventure 2 randomized (it's very hilarious so I plead you to watch!) somewhat early today, within the next, say, 20 minutes?

me an hour ago: I wanna play video game :)

me now, having done absolutely nothing since then: I wanna play video game :)

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