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One of the leading Y2K aesthetic tweeters on Twitter goes through what was the Millennium Dome.

As someone who was too young to know what it was other than 'there' and 'vaguely a massive failure' (I only visited it once after it became The O2), wooow this fucking thing was worse than I could have possibly imagined.

maybe slightly better tech news, Conspiracy Theories (Twitter thread) Show more

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Oh shit, valentine's is coming up, should we do another movie night with Cronenberg or something similar?

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Still thinkin' about this sometimes.

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Whenever someone says they think there should be X emoji, it almost feels like I'm being subtooted

there have been quite a few British FMV games made lately

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gamers rise up to support trans rights

Time to restart my computer to stop the flickering

I really enjoy emoji streams ^w^