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*holds up nonsensical conspiracy-esque diagram*


Watched a pretty cool video on that awful 'Understanding Postmodernism' book.

I'm not sure I'll ever understand how people can have so much unearned confidence.

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[carbon fiber Symbian theme]

It’s CRT appreciation day. To me, anyways. So, pics of my PVM-14L2 running Super Metroid. Zoom for more detail.

Here’s a chill stream with Auto Mario Party 4 at if you wanna just chat and watch in BG or whatever

Someone is proposing a way of making emoji encoding a less closed system, by essentially using Wikidata ID numbers for encoding instead of Unicode codepoints.

It's probably not free of some of the issues I have been talking about Unicode in Mutant Standard, but it is a lot better!

(via @nightpool)

For those not hardcore into Mother's Day or not cool enough to be at FWA this Sunday, you can come chill with me during a tired casualstream, working on last minute art show stuff.


whoever invented the font format should be dragged out into the streets

I think I cracked the very last structural problem with my Android format fonts

But I can't test it on my computer anymore because it makes my test app crash, but so does Google's font, so that means I'm on the right track?????


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I'm glad I got to try a few new things I guess. I miss demos.

Ended Xbox Game Pass after exhausting the initial fun and realising there are like, 2-3 games I actually play and it would be more economical buying second hand copies of them.

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