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struggling to understand why 🚞 (mountain railway) exists....

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This is possibly one of the biggest differences with Mutant Standard and the American sets. It's also probably one of the strongest rules in Mutant Standard.

New Unicode exclusions I've gotta remember to add to my public list sometime: 🗾 🚓 🚔

(Japan simply because it's not my business to make emoji like that, police car emoji because I forgot to include them in my lists and totals and such)

Hopefully the ISP upgrade means that streaming will be more reliable -_-'

Mutant Standard's designs are meant to emulate vehicle designs made between late 90's to now, but they feel positively futuristic compared to Apple.

Apple's car emoji are weirdly dated. Especially the buses. A reflection on America's shit public transport infrastructure? :throunking:

(these are self-appointed sections based on my own personal interpretation of how to categorise the Unicodeverse, but still! There are a lot of them, and very few of them are 100% complete)

the rare enjoyment of completing a Unicode section

and I just checked and Mutant Standard uses 'tick'... c:

Not an intentional usage of British vernacular, but barring any substantial usability issues showing up, I'm also not fussed about changing it any time soon 😏

I have to keep remembering that in Mastodon's shortcodes, 'tick' is 'check mark'

*SIGH* the internet is back after another outage.

This time however, some people from the ISP rang and said there were problems in this area and inspected our cabling. Apparently there was a botched upgrade and things will be fine (and faster) now -_-.

971 unique emoji designs... getting very close to 1000....

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or night elves or what have you.... the purple skinned fuckers

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