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A good chunk of the Myst III FMVs are impossible to get a camera track out of because they use a lot of whip pans and frame subjects in such a way where there are a bunch of objects overlapping the frame. :angry_steam_ms:

Myst III camera tracking stuff, another one (spoilers) 

Myst III camera tracking stuff (spoilers) 

Sega made a sequel to Chu Chu Rocket????

On Apple Arcade???

@Pyretta For me, it's more like 'I'm okay with both i guess?' I think it's important that there is some sort of labour movement, but 1. waged labour isn't all labour (ie. what's traditionally womens' labour) 2. there are people who cannot engage in waged work (ie. 'disabled' people) 3. what life is like in unemployment impacts what life is like in employment and how exploitative bosses can be 4. automation in various sectors will make workers obsolete

I was kinda disappointed by the survey but I guess it just had to paint stuff in broad strokes.

I also think some dichotomies, ie. 'party/union', 'production/environment' have a variety of false premises baked into it, and there were some pretty fashy questions too, like about population control.

I'm also way more reformist and internationalist than this graph suggests.

I should really consider getting a different online backup provider

Apple event, What that U1 chip is 

stream promo 

hey where was that left values survey people were doing?

I will always go to an Apple reseller over an Apple store

Apple event 


Emerald City Resource Guide

This is the complete guide to public services in Seattle. Homeless? LGTBQIA+? Native/Indigenous? PoC?

This has everything you need!

of course, Lord Bagtart has caused constitutional outrage by suggesting he may refuse to sing all three verses of the proroguing ballad when the raven is rubbed on the Erskine May before being sent back.

font making, nyx 

Anniversary goals - what things I planned on doing for year 2 and how they went, and what I plan on doing in the next year of Mutant Standard:

(even though, ofc the reason it was blue at all in Europe was because of some trademark dispute)

Blue thematically makes more sense as the colour for Dreamcast's branding IMO

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