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Condo towers should have signs outside that say "People live here, we promise!"

These nostalgic Y2K wallpapers I made for @mutantstd patrons last year were pretty great X3

Labour 👏 should 👏 appeal 👏 to 👏 Which 👏 Magazine 👏 readers


I don't always like Reel Politik podcast episodes, but I love their opening music, which is just a TV clip of who I assume to be Chris Leslie moaning about the """hard left""" while random rock music blasts on top of him and his moaning gets increasingly chopped and distorted

*pets the inflatable crocodile from Hitman*

hot take: don't demonize people who do things to customize their appearance. this includes plastic surgery and hair loss treatment

UK pol, Labour tree planting 

TIL that the Green New Deal actually emerged from the UK in 2008, huh

howdy? :thinkergunsunglasses:


"Well, I'm sure if you talk to me in person, you'll find that I'm not such a bad person"

What, the fact that being polite is something that most people are socialised to do in most circumstances? Real fucking revelation.

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