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Oh thank fuck, Labour also wants to do a national version of the Oyster card

@dankwraith I also like how people who say that sort of thing act like as if in the past people didn't also ignore each other on the fucking train, which they definitely did, they just had newspapers and magazines and walkmans instead.

scolding people for being addicted to social media because they desire human connection is like scolding people for being addicted to food because they eat at taco bell twice a week

UK pol, GE 2019, Labour manifesto, foreign policy 

UK pol, GE 2019, Palestine (+++) 

UK pol, GE 2019, Saudi Arabia/Yemen (+++) 

UK pol, Labour announcements, rail 

lewd shitpost 

we listened to @tom's music while making shaders and accidentally made slime

Evelyn please, that scarf is navy blue, it clashes with your fur

you know what? I said I was gonna come back on my stream if the internet gets better, but I'm super tired actually and should probably try to sleep again, so I will not be coming back >.>

@mutantstd Yep, this is perfect.

(Seriously, thank you for the goodies!)

We might as well call condo towers "wealth storage facilities"

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