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Alright, work is as done as it's going to be, and my stuff including a rather silly number of camera accessories is all packed. All that's left is a pile of dishes and some leftovers to freeze and I'll be ready to go.

I'll be a lot less Online for the next few weeks; please contact other mods (listed at ) for any :weirder_earth: needs.

Baby sealions! And the least worst snapshot of a school ID yellow-tailed surgeonfish that I could get while free diving.

The government in is showing their ass again, so I just want to note the importance of picking the right place to donate to. The Puerto Rican Agenda here in Chicago works with non-profits on the island and does their supply deliveries themselves.

Today was pretty full of transport and logistics and planning, but (a) it does look like the tours here are going to be a lot better done than in Quito, and (b) I still got to stick a camera out the window as we passed a small island.

#telegram initiated to use their #decentralized system for Russia IPs. I'm in Iran and telegram is filtered by government here. I used an openvpn to connect to a russian IP and after disabling the vpn I am still conected to telegram servers you should stay connected to a russian IP till a shield icon appears in the top bar and after that you can use telegram without vpn or proxy even in Iran. Thanks #fediverse😁.

Now's a great time to drop my Patreon where I'm drafting two stories, every Wednesday we have Disaster Ever After, a fluffy supernatural romance, and every Saturday is New Fire, a fantasy story centering the descendants of the Aztecs on a flying city, with queer girls, soft boys, disabled MC rep, magic, and old gods galore. And yes, people get sacrificed in this.

Even if you can't Patron, I appreciate the boosts! Someone that follows you might want these stories! 🌟

Landed at Baltra. It claims to be the world’s first “ecological airport”. I’m curious what, if any, substance there is to that, but I do appreciate how much is done to limit the introduction of invasive species.

Alright, next stop Galapagos! Whatever else happens in the coming week, we’ll be on a boat in a place I’ve wanted to visit for literally decades.

I don’t know how much internet access we’ll have, so if I go quiet assume it’s just that. And if there are connections I’ll post more photos, of course.

And here’s some more Quito . I could happily spend another week here, but I’m also very excited about our next stop.

Better things from yesterday; the Franciscan convent is beautiful and appropriately hosts a pet bird rescue. Also the one church I felt appropriate taking photos in because they put tourists in a gallery separate from worshipers and removed enough that I felt like I wasn’t disturbing them.

colonial mentality 

colonial mentality 

colonial mentality 

colonial mentality 

shitty tourism 

The backstory for this tour I’m on, friends, is that my mom has always wanted to go to the Galápagos, and she decided that it’d be cool if she, my dad and I went along with @eldang and his parents.

The option that made the most sense for us collectively was a cruise. To put it mildly, I am not really a “cruise person” but here we are.

Also, our original boat is under repair and we have wangled a replacement cruise on a much fancier boat (this itself is a long story)

Ok so now you have context

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