Oh, database, why do you have to start falling over and force me to restore from backup on a Friday, as the team is getting ready to go to the pub?

- I'm officially confirmed to lead an edible weeds workshop on Feb 8 at the Meadowbrook Community Center. Even in the middle of winter there are lots of nutritious wild greens; I'll show you a few that are safe and delicious for beginning foragers.

This is part of the Sustainable NE Seattle Hands-On Skills Fair, a full day of free workshops on practical skills for community resilience and lower-impact living. Trying to find a non-FB link for it, but for now:


Free PrEP for the Uninsured 

[bikenurse] office hours info! 

someone on twitter said:

Voting isn't choosing your character, it's choosing your opponent.

Which is an interesting contextualization and good argument against letting perfect be the enemy of good re: candidates and moving the overton window etc.

This weekend I’m taking a weaving class, and even though some of what draws me to weaving is its similarity to the data processing I do for a living, I’m excited about the contrast of making something I can touch, on a purely mechanical machine with which I have to do something for each row instead of just setting up a loop.
And pleased to balance out the stereotypical male bonding I’ll be doing the next day, when my father in law is going to attempt to teach me some golf.

so i've been interested by people doing internet office hours and was considering holding office hours for bike maintenance/commuting advice? is this a thing folks would be into?

(it's probably not the best season in the northern hemisphere for this, especially seeing the drop-off in attendance at the local bike co-op, but maybe a good time to try out the logistics and see if it's a thing)

boosts appreciated!

I feel like I'm doing a lot of catching up with myself this week. One part of that is photo editing, and here are some cute ones from my first official birdwatching trip, back in May: flickr.com/photos/eldan/albums

"More than anyone, black voters know that white America has no tolerance for radical reform, which is why we often defer to candidates who demonstrate that they might be able to win elections. As the Grand Old Party increasingly demonstrates its allegiance to white supremacy, for us, a tap water-temperature Democrat is still better than a store-brand Republican…



@douginamug @GwenfarsGarden There's also evidence to suggest that there's a form of survivorship bias at work: you're more likely to vote right if you're well-off; you're also more likely to survive into old age if you're well-off.


(original paper: midus.wisc.edu/findings/pdfs/1)

Legendary Apollo project programmer Margaret Hamilton, next to a printout of the node_modules directory listing for her first Hello World react app

Twitter/art theft prevention 

politic 'getting older' shitpost that's true 

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