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Following up on the Bahamas hurricane relief thread: this is the best resource anyone sent:

I have reservations about some of the funds (Red Cross often screw up horrendously; I don't know enough about the govt to give directly to them; ones run by cruise lines feel weird), but donated to the two that made the most sense to me:

A US-based expats supporting the old country org
The pan-Caribbean tourist assoc's relief fund:

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鈥婼ummer seemed to end a few weeks earlier and much more definitively than usual this year, but that doesn't mean we're done with neighbourhood

@callie a version of Erik Satie's Gnossiennes No.1 that plays forever (

ok ive been waiting forever to mention the australian ghost bat but it's the biggest echolocation batty in australia and still quite large in the rest of the world and has pretty big eyes which surprised me but also pretty big ears. they're very good please look. #baturday

A long, meandering, and very interesting article about Sweden, its self-talk, and the bizarro ways it gets distorted in the English-language press

I find myself wondering how much of this applies to Canada too. Perhaps if I do become a New Canadian, after a few years I'd be able to compare to this New Swede's insights....


Leaked photo of NASA taking the sun down for maintenance

i made a zine! It's about chronic illness and healthcare stuff, and full of collaged pain scales and patient intake forms and the like.

its important for everyone to know that service-dogs-in-training get their own special theater productions, where they practice sitting politely while the actors on stage perform an entire show for them


Well, happy Moon Holiday to everyone who commemorates. Remember the reason for the season. 馃檱馃徑鈥嶁檧锔忦煋筐煂佛煏煡煄戰煂

A lot of folks must be abroad or isolated and far from family and friends on this Chinese / Daoist holiday... It鈥檚 especially important for women. Please spare some friendly words if you see anyone who is sad.

If you鈥檙e lonesome, just look up at the lovely 鈥渞oundest鈥 Moon, sing a song or some poetry, and know many distant friends will be too!

I am cranky as shit today, but dahlias are still good so here's some

[obviously also :bancars:, but this story is so much more about racism and institutional failure]

I saw one of these ads yesterday, at a surface light rail station that requires every passenger to cross at least one busy road. The one I saw just stated the fact that Rainier Ave S is the most dangerous street in Seattle, so before even thinking about victim blaming, my 1st reaction was "what kind of agency touts its worst failure?" and then "What the hell are they doing coming to this historically neglected neighbourhood to say how shit it is when that's their fault?"

Today's gender is exhaustion and the sound of rain.


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