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Day 20. The Too Many Adjectives Moon, a.k.a. that time I stood on the balcony for a while and just barely managed not to yell "WHY AREN'T YOU FOOLS LOOKING AT THE MOON?" at passersby. flickr.com/photos/eldan/albums

Joking aside, yay unexpectedly clear night. I wasn't expecting to be able to see much from Seattle in January.

OMG the predictions of doom are true! The Too Many Adjectives Moon appears to have... DDOSed space.com

Went out to see the beginning of Super Wolf Blood Moon II Turbo Hyper Fighting Edition. Only about 10% occluded so far but it's neat to see. #LunarEclipse

"Super Blood Wolf Moon" sounds like a badly-translated anime title

Puffins! I finally got one thing on my bucket list (which only has one other thing--see a platypus) done. I kept the sound on these clips because the kids are mostly talking about the puffins.


"The most Gen X thing ever just happened."
"Oh! You mean the surviving members of Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden AND Nirvana are playing a show?"
"Someone made a nostalgic roleplaying game where you get to play latchkey kids riding everywhere on bikes?"
"Henry Rollins yelled at someone?"
"Then what?"


Sea nettles from the National Aquarium. If you leave sound on, you can hear me compliment the jellyfish at the end. If you mute it, it's very restful.


As we sit here in the Great #Snowstorm of 2019, let us take a moment to remember when in 2016, #Montreal made international news because a slippery street provoked a progressively increasing hilarious pileup:


GDPR pushed the New York Times to drop behavioral targeting of ads on "European pages" [I suppose they mean European pageviews?], which has cost them the astonishing sum of... nothing. digiday.com/media/new-york-tim

I'm only disappointed that that article failed to ask what behavioral targeting is ever good for, and why NYT still uses it anywhere.

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"The bleating was remarkable – loud and sharp, the practiced bleat of a person who knew how harsh real sheep can sound. The professor, flustered, stumbled back. Le Guin took that as her cue, grabbed my arm and said, ‘Let’s go.’"

I've been thinking about this essay for days. It is wonderful.


I just learned that there is a boat shuttle service in Santa Barbara called “Lil' Toot” and she's the cutest boat ever

I fixed the domain name game so it’s playable on mobile now: domain-pricing.glitch.me

To be frank, the way that the reporter from the Daily Dot wrote reminds me of the accounts that European colonizers had when they first visited parts of Northern Africa.

It was in the lens of their initial encounters in reflection of how they lived but positioning it to be infinitely lesser than their lifestyle. Also the need to slightly glamorize the people who worked "nicely" with them or figures with authority / visibility while dismissing everyone else smells a lot.

Day 18. My last evening in 🇭🇹 (was actually Wednesday, but with a long travel day yesterday I'm still catching up with myself)

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