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Things we can do about the current US Migra awfulness 

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Harmless ignorance admin notice admin notice 

People think that tai chi is an easy thing for old people but it has some badass weapons forms, which means I got to wave a spear around... with some old people, but also some non-old people as well.

Here's the grandmaster in my lineage with the spear:

Fediverse SFFBookClub August Poll 

on bad UBI takes (370 words) 

A sweet community art installation by Capitol Hill station

"NASA could create a Climate Corps — modeled after the Peace Corps — in which scientists and engineers spend two years in local communities understanding the unique challenges they face, training local populations and connecting them with the data and science needed to support smart, local decision-making." I would serve!


I tried to fix a docker thing in order to run that query about what emoji people use, and uhhhh that was an exciting 15 minutes full of error messages. But we're back!

Sorry everyone.

Explaining UK history to 'murcans 

This comic about conspiracy theorists (who are often right-wing white men) is fascinating and weird and not a little disturbing:

ukpol, hereditary rulers 

Seattle, ICE, something you can do 

Seattle, ICE, something you can do 

Mauna Kea 

This year's x̌ʷə́lč / Salish Sea canoe journey is underway!
Follow the canoes:
Pretty map with an overview of how many nations are taking part, and how far some are paddling:
And Matika Wilbur's take on the occasion:

My pal Ben works with a great group called wikitongues, and they released this playlist for the International Year of Indigenous Languages!

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