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The Italian word for moustache is "Baffi", so Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Italian is about a teenage moustache that kills vampires

Hatte eben eine total sch枚ne Begegnung. Eine 盲ltere Dame mit seeeehr au脽ergew枚hnlichem Outfit betrat die herrentoilette. Ein junger Typ am Waschbecken sagt: 鈥濪as ist die Herrentoilette. Die damentoilette ist gegen眉ber.鈥

Sie antwortet: 鈥瀉ch! Herren, Damen, das sind doch b眉rgerliche Kategorien鈥 und geht in die n盲chste Kabine.

Interesting finding. "[I]n all 344 cities [in China], solar photovoltaic systems were capable of generating and selling electricity at lower prices than the grid without subsidies, and in 22 percent of those cities, they could also produce electricity at lower prices than coal."

#SolarEnergy #Electricity #PowerSupplies #RenewableEnergy #China

Did too much work today, and took time to get my every-8-weeks meds. So here's a picture of the central library from a few days ago. One of the things I appreciate about Seattle is that one of its most impressive landmark buildings is a library.

For work, I often find myself colourising (or colorizing) files of depth data. I don't mind that I switch between US & UK spellings, and I standardise to US for documentation since that's the overwhelming majority of my collaborators' dialect. But I am super annoyed to see myself writing "colorise" these days, because as far as I know that variant is wrong _everywhere_.

Our shul did a kosher chicken BBQ this past weekend while I was out of town.

Everyone: "How will we kasher the cooker?"

Me at the end of the table: "flamethrower..."

This is the chair of the ritual committee working to kasher the BBQ.


:lotalac: Cualli teotlac, mimichtin!馃悹 Hello and welcome again to another thread about The Aztec Empire! I really should come up with a name for this series 馃 Any suggestions? #StarTalk

Today we will be discussing a topic often brought up in media with about 0% understanding of the source or lore: The fierce and mighty gods and goddesses of the Mexica Pantheon :sugarskull:

As always: Questions and comments encouraged! And if you can spare it, please tip the writer!

fedichive's reminding me of when we got the Encyclopaedia Brittanica on a single CD-ROM, and my poor grandma could not believe that a whole shelf full of books now fits in a single 5" plastic disc. [in the mid-90s, when this was still new & exciting, to be fair]

2) As the Coral Atlas scales up I'm starting to see where I was doing things in lazy ways that don't scale. As a result I can tell you that at 3.7m pixel resolution, 1/4 of the Great Barrier Reef fits in this laptop's RAM, but the entire country of Fiji does not. Which is giving me a thoroughly odd mental image.

Two observations about my current work in progress:

1) You know how h4xx0rz in movies are often depicted watching streams of green text go by and it's all very dramatic? I am currently in that situation as I monitor several test runs of some automation, but with one key difference from the movies: it's really heccing boring.

I'm still thinking about how lovely Plymouth Church is. The architecture too:

LEGO grooms, built to accurately show relative proportions

People's reactions to me pointing out 3/4 of my grandparents are immigrants is telling. Everyone assumes since I'm white that my family's been in Canada for generations, nope my Dad's first generation and one of my mom's parents immigrated here as well. As soon as I say that people trip over themselves saying they don't mean my family. Bullshit my grandparents came to Canada after having their lives destroyed by war they were exactly the kind of people who are immigrating now only they're white.

Also @mcmoots came to this wedding and looked fabulous and danced in the hamburger shoes and did not die, exhibit A:

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