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I want to revive something Teju Cole used to do on birbsite: everyone post photos of whatever's blooming around you, tagged with and where you are. Please boost and take part. Making it a reply to me is optional but I'll always enjoy florespondence from all over. Here are the daffodils that prompted me to get things started.

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Quick note about following this account: I'm not particularly secretive and do generally approve follow requests from strangers. But I do always make sure you neither appear to be a bot nor a troll. That does mean that if a very new account requests to follow me I'll often wait until I can actually see some sign of who you are before approving or denying the request. It's nothing personal.

#Geofabrik is joining #Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap.de & many others by blacking out their download.geofabrik.de web site for a day to make people aware of the threat that #artikel13 of the planned #EU #copyright directive poses for #OpenStreetMap. #uploadfilter #SaveYourInternet

How do you follow users on other instances from Pixelfed?

Happy Equinox, mes chéries. I wish you all life, growth, and abundance in the coming year. 🌍

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Voting is open for the Fediverse #SFFBookclub April selection.

Vote for as many as you like. Books that get at least 3 votes but don't win will come back in future polls.

The poll will be open through the 31st.

As always, we have funds to help people access the book if they need assistance.


#SFF #ScienceFiction #SciFi #Fantasy #Books

I woke up to some fresh ! Thank you all for contributing, and here's an anemone from my doorstep in

Here is a fun survey about the human perception of coral reef diversity. You get to look at pretty fish if you take it: biodiful.org/#/fisheyes_eng

I guess they need more people outside France to participate (they are French), so if you want to spend 5 minutes looking at pictures of fish, you can do that!

I forgot to share these two ladybugs I found snuggling in my juniper tree. t h e y a r e t e l l i n g s e c r e t s

Ok, so I have a tweet that's getting kind of popular on birbsite and I want to share the essence here too:

A guy tweeted that MySpace had lost all the music uploaded to it from 2003-2015. " An entire archive just... gone, forever."

So... this is your periodic reminder that uploading stuff to a website isn't an archive.

These keep popping up each year in the front yard. They’re like the greatest weeds ever

@eldang have some Seattle blooming dogwood (I believe). 💜

Hooray! Thank you to speedy florespondents @tbeckett & @paralithode . Keep the coming!

Goodnight friends! Light skies & long blue slivers slit in the cloud cover, a few transcendent moments of azure—each cherry blossom lit up like a candle. A little warmer, w/o harrying wind or sign of impending rain. Today in #florespondence the white droplets in the hawthorn hedges began to open up.

Incrementally forward again step by step—a little image editing, a little walking.

May we find ways to look forward to the future truthfully & w/hope today—& act w/love & solidarity in the present!

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My occasional PSA: If you are young and/or vulnerable, if someone tries to convince you they're the only person who truly gets you, run run run run run. Especially if they start implying that to prove you're really X you need to attack Y for them.

Dear Lord, run. /I've seen this too often

don’t look now but I just found a smol leap year bug in the Apple Watch’s orrery watch face lmao

fish on a boat posing for a photo, proudly holding a man

Some people who are dear to me need help with medical expenses, because this is how we do things in the USA:


Taiji has helped me a lot in a lot of ways, and they are the ones who brought it to me.

They have created a really wonderful community in Seattle through taiji and qi gong. If my partner or I don't come to one of our regular classes, people there ask about us. We take care of each other.

If you can spare any money, can you throw in a little? Anything helps.

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