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Eldan Goldenberg ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿค˜ @eldang

Lately I've been having fun playing with neural network generated place names (heavily indebted to @janellecshane ). I presented the work in progress to a small friendly audience today and it seemed to go down well.

Here are some maps of real (grey) and generated (blue) place names for regions of England. [fainter blues are ones the system expects to be less convincing]

Next I plan to work this into a JavaScript "Call My Bluff" game and put that on the web.

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@eldang @janellecshane if this neural network ever gets bored, could you teach it to generate band names? :blobcat:

I would have sworn blind that I've visited some of those blue ones.

@eldang @janellecshane I would be entertainingly terrible at that game.

@mxmatched @janellecshane I actually ran a version with hand-picked names yesterday and human performance was worse than chance. But I think with randomly selected ones it wouldn't be quite so hard.

@eldang Does location-of-name-in-image correspond to anything in particular?

@qwertystop yeah! For real places, it's actual coordinates. For fake ones, I included lat/lon in the training data, so the neural net slavishly generated numbers in the right ranges even though it had no contextual information about what they mean.

@eldang Did it learn any unusual correlations of name and place? Suffixes, or letter frequency, or part of a compound, that tends to be in one geographic region?

@qwertystop I didn't really give it a chance to, because I broke the data into regions first and patterns within those regions are too subtle. It did so much better with the coordinates than I'd expected that I am now going to try just giving it one input file for all of England and seeing what happens.

@eldang @janellecshane Oh god, please do this with district names and try to convince Colossal Order to put it into #CitiesSkylines ๐Ÿ˜
(The auto generated district names are awful)

@C1710 I don't want to get stuck into another project like this right now because it's a bit too much like my paying work (GIS consultant, i.e. person who fusses over place name exactness for a living). But if you're comfortable with basic command line useage, I can strongly recommend the first tool in @janellecshane 's FAQ aiweirdness.com/faq as a quick, painless way to get started with this.

@C1710 heh, sorry - I don't know what CitiesSkylines is so must have missed the reference.