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Day 8.

Turks and Caicos from the air.

Today I learned that some of my fears about the workshop I'm here to lead were justified, so I'm going to have a lot of extra work at least today and tomorrow adding material and testing exercises. I may not get to do any photography until the weekend. But the views from the flight in were 💚💙

Slight cheating here because for various reasons I'm not comfortable taking photos from the car going to and and from work. This is a place I pass on my morning commute: instagram.com/p/BsGUXiilPQK/
These are pretty representative shops: instagram.com/p/BZEVTeagk2t/ instagram.com/p/BWsbv1eAPgY/
And this is public transport: instagram.com/p/BikePe8AfcV/ instagram.com/p/BsYZ8ozlMx2/ instagram.com/p/BorM31OFf3z/ instagram.com/p/BjVHCaBgD6C/ instagram.com/p/Bi4F7kthtxl/ (I've also seen goats riding on top)

Eldan Goldenberg @eldang

I've tried to link to Haitian photographers who have generally interesting streams, so follow through for more images of Haïti. They do tend towards showing the nice side, or not commenting on the fact that the picturesque hillside in the background is also a roadless, sewerless shantytown that's toast in the next earthquake... but everything they're showing is also real, and I appreciate their pride in where they are.

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