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I'm going to try and keep up a practice of posting a picture of something nice every day, as a sort of analogy to the "gratitude list" exercise that is supposed to be one of the best happiness practices but can backfire really intensely on me. Not necessarily a picture from that day; it can also be an exercise in looking back fondly. I'll start in that spirit today, with a favourite view of Lake Michigan from last September: flickr.com/photos/eldan/326858

Daily photo #2.

Every 8 weeks I have to go to a clinic and get an IV infusion of TNF-α antibodies, to stop my faulty immune system from attacking my gut and generally making things terrible. I hate the drug dependency, and it's been made worse by the provider I was forced to switch to last year making the appointments take several hours. But it's a wonder drug that's given me back my quality of life, and the view from the infusion center can be some consolation.

Daily photo #3.

Lǎozǐ on the altar in the taiji studio.

Day 4.

I did get my view of Tahoma, and the tops of clouds

Day 5.

I took the 7 train to Chengdu for lunch. [CW food photo]

A Reliable Local Informant tells me it was more Taipei than Chengdu. Though come to think of it there was enough Korean on signs that perhaps it was somewhere in the Yellow Sea. Or maybe I've just pushed this metaphor a little too far.

Day 7.

Our house is full of quilts made by mother-in-law. My cousin's husband is a potter, so their place is full of hand-made ceramics, mostly by him or people he knows. It's funny how much being surrounded by hand made things makes me feel at home.

Day 8.

Turks and Caicos from the air.

Today I learned that some of my fears about the workshop I'm here to lead were justified, so I'm going to have a lot of extra work at least today and tomorrow adding material and testing exercises. I may not get to do any photography until the weekend. But the views from the flight in were 💚💙

Slight cheating here because for various reasons I'm not comfortable taking photos from the car going to and and from work. This is a place I pass on my morning commute: instagram.com/p/BsGUXiilPQK/
These are pretty representative shops: instagram.com/p/BZEVTeagk2t/ instagram.com/p/BWsbv1eAPgY/
And this is public transport: instagram.com/p/BikePe8AfcV/ instagram.com/p/BsYZ8ozlMx2/ instagram.com/p/BorM31OFf3z/ instagram.com/p/BjVHCaBgD6C/ instagram.com/p/Bi4F7kthtxl/ (I've also seen goats riding on top)

Eldan Goldenberg @eldang

Day 9. Since I've had no time to take pictures here yet, have a motmot from exactly a year ago in Costa Rica. flickr.com/photos/eldan/albums

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Day 10. Another throwback to exactly a year ago: Osama the crocodile in Costa Rica. flickr.com/photos/eldan/albums

Day 11. Hopefully the last throwback for a little while. A pair of screech owls snuggling. Again, exactly a year ago, in Costa Rica. flickr.com/photos/eldan/albums

Day 12. Jean-Jacques Dessalines, first leader of independent Haïti.

A deeply problematic hero, to say the least, and these days he stands proud over a rather desolate park. But even so there was something powerful about seeing a black liberation leader as the subject of one of these grand horseback statues on a podium.

Day 13. Port-au-Prince from l'Observatoire de Boutilliers.

Day 14. La plaine du cul-de-sac (seriously, that's its name), its salt lakes, and the Dominican Republic's from part way up the Morne à Cabrits (Goat Mountain).

Day 15. A bougainvillea blossom.

Day 16. The team I've been in 🇭🇹 to train.

@eldang I've been hearing all about them so it's so nice to see faces! I would love to hear all about who is who, when you come home. <3

@nein09 yes! I wish I'd had individual conversations with everyone, but training takes up so much of my talk that I wasn't up to that much schmoozing. Everyone I did talk to was doing something interesting.

Day 17: the view from the back of the training centre. I spent almost all my time indoors since we were there with a job to do, but this was a nice spot for breaks.

Day 18. My last evening in 🇭🇹 (was actually Wednesday, but with a long travel day yesterday I'm still catching up with myself)

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Day 20. The Too Many Adjectives Moon, a.k.a. that time I stood on the balcony for a while and just barely managed not to yell "WHY AREN'T YOU FOOLS LOOKING AT THE MOON?" at passersby. flickr.com/photos/eldan/albums