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PB: I'm playing tech trainer this week and omg hard agree.

Also: wow the Anglocentrism of software becomes painfully obvious the moment I start training some Francophones. How are people supposed to get the distinction between two single quotes and one double quote when their language uses « » for quotations? And how can I apologise enough when I have to say "I would use the automated title-case function for this in an Anglophone country, but it's going to fuck up Anse d'Hainault every time"?

Eldan Goldenberg @eldang

More imperialist software embarrassment:
a) "Sorry, you'll need a way to import this data from Excel files not CSVs, because the moment you save it as a CSV Excel will reliably turn 'Miragoâne' into mojibake"
b) Intellectually I understood the problem with the "master/slave" terminology in databases, but I'd never before felt the utter shame of watching descendants of slaves run into it. And not blink because they're used to it, but why should they be used to their tools insulting them?

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@eldang my work implemented a change that used master/slave, and when my team worked on upgrading it a few years later we requested it be changed to primary/secondary in documentation and the system and one piece of feedback i got was “oh, you’re no fun, are you?” i was so mad!!

@allegedlycake wow, what "fun"!
Was the change generally well received?

@eldang it was by the business people involved in funding the work, but IT people either didn’t get or thought we were being precious