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PB: I'm playing tech trainer this week and omg hard agree.

Also: wow the Anglocentrism of software becomes painfully obvious the moment I start training some Francophones. How are people supposed to get the distinction between two single quotes and one double quote when their language uses « » for quotations? And how can I apologise enough when I have to say "I would use the automated title-case function for this in an Anglophone country, but it's going to fuck up Anse d'Hainault every time"?

I think this may be the hardest work I have ever done. I'm also starting to think it might go OK, though I won't be able to be sure until the end of this week.

Eldan Goldenberg @eldang

whew, hard day today. I learned of some ways this project has been set up to fail, and I think maybe plotted a viable course between them, but I'm not yet sure it's going to work. Along the way I had to do a lot of training that no-one could be satisfied with, and deliver most of the afternoon's in French.

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