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Eldan Goldenberg @eldang

More snow fell overnight in Seattle than I'd seen in my 13 previous winters here. This morning every neighbour I know is out shoveling sidewalks, and we already have from the corner to the apodments halfway down the block clear.

I suspect that the thing we were planning to go to tonight will either be cancelled or impossible for us to reach due to bus cancellations, but oh well. We have food and hot chocolate for days, booze for weeks, and not-yet-read books for years.

@eldang That last sentence is perfect! :)

@ShanShen :) and indeed the show was cancelled, so that unread book pile may get a tiny bit smaller this weekend.

Sounds idyllic! Also I want a library service that looks at my recent reads and my unread shelf and gives me only 2 books to choose from

@fishpatrol it is! And I would like that service too. Sometimes provides it, but equally often it introduces me to new authors thereby expanding my paralyzing choices even further.

@eldang "food and hot chocolate for days, booze for weeks, and not-yet-read books for years." i like your priorities, mister.

@mxmatched hehe, yeah but it's really more about unread books not rotting on the shelf....

The snow is relentless. In a way that wouldn't even be remarkable in other parts of this continent, but on Feb 11th we apparently already have had more snow in a month than any time since January 1969. And the _accumulation_ looks like 2-3 times as deep as I've ever seen here.

Meanwhile, I appreciate how normal it's already become that several of us take shifts--with no explicit coordination--shovelling the stretch of sidewalk we share. Low-key anarchism in practice.

I also appreciate how even the clients who I ever see face-to-face are 100% comfortable with me working from home. I've got an OK work day in after a slow start, and with some breaks to take pictures or just stare out of the window.

@eldang mark has a good shovel just inside his outdoor fence, on the right

@nein09 :thumbs_up_paw_x50: noted! I'll definitely use that next time, it'll be way quicker than our garden spade.


As someone from a place on the continent that normally gets plenty of snow, so there are things like the city's annual snow-removal budget, and information campaigns about snow plow routes and encouragements to help shovel your neighbours' walks, and bylaws about moving your vehicle from routes or maintaining your sidewalks..

It's been heartwarming and amazing to watch folks unused to dealing with the cold and snow go out and deal with what I take for granted like winter weather pros.

And now come the widespread power outages because of heavy wet snow breaking branches. seattle.gov/light/sysstat/ (21,780 households in right now). This city is one of the world's largest concentrations of wealth. Why is burying power lines beyond our means?

And yes, this is really unusual weather for here. But big windstorms having the same effect in November is entirely routine.

@eldang at least I remembered to stick a lighter in the junk drawer after the last one. Funny how last winter this didn't happen, it's only after we bought the place that we find out we live on a tentacle of fail coming off a flaky grid sector in Wedgwood.

@eldang solving a problem like this is where free market sucks: no company would want to invest into infrastructure used by everyone, including their competitors. This is something that's best solved by a government. And since pretty much all of the wealth is accumulated in private hands, it's going to continue.

@isagalaev Yes to all of this. Though Seattle does have a municipal utility, the way wealth is concentrated still gets in the way of raising enough money to make investments like this.

@eldang by the way, I did hear that PSE puts cable in the ground on a case by case basis, when they break. So theoretically it should be getting better over time :-)

@isagalaev interesting! I don't think Seattle City Light does the equivalent and I wish they would, especially because it's the same parts of town every time.


Heh. I live in a province that weathered the 2008 crisis basically untouched. And we, too, have been known to have power lines downed by extreme winds and an excess of snow in too short a time. I hope things are resolved soon!