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Eldan Goldenberg @eldang

I have no desire to follow any _ebooks account, least of all one that would be based on my own toots. But I am enjoying the selected highlights you lot are boosting.

[and wishing for instance-only toot options because this probably doesn't make much sense outside weirder.earth]

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The weirdest part is that the e_books bots are not the most nonsensical toots in my feed. Also they tend to make a lot more of other folks' toots seem like they must be bot generated. It kind of messes with reality but not in a bad way.

@eldang That sounds completely reasonable to me. I feel like mine is not worth following even by people who enjoy that sort of thing, because it's still so repetitive (I just don't have enough toot history for it to be varied yet). But I'm enjoying watching it learn to talk, and I'm really glad you're enjoying the highlights!

@eldang I haven't the slightest interest in following anyone else's (though I too enjoy the curated best-of boosts) but I am really enjoying my own. Which feels vain, but eh.

Maybe if I get this stupid SharePoint form done this afternoon I can work on teaching them how to have conversations.