I've always felt kind of meh about The Grateful Dead, as both performers and songwriters. Somehow neither loving nor hating them feels like a character flaw. But I _adore_ Norma Waterson's cover of Black Muddy River: [the rest of the album is great too, but this is the song on it that can get stuck in my head from hearing 5 seconds of someone else's version of the song, and one of those earworms I'm always happy to have]

@eldang I like this cover a lot! and yeah, the Grateful Dead have always struck me as pretty okay musicians who just happened to come along at the right moment in history to converge with something that was really magical for a lot of people. I find that for most humans, the "greatest" music was the music they heard during a particularly impressionable and formative time of life, typically a time they feel nostalgia toward.

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