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Made it to Florence, where the wisteria are truly astonishing. Sorry about the crappy pictures - the journey was long, and we didn't get cleaned up and back out of the hotel until the light was fading, but I had to share this four storey

Eldan Goldenberg @eldang

Newsflash: Florence is picturesque.

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@alx hehe, I wonder if we'll find it. We passed the "Garage Michelangelo" today, but it didn't quite look like he'd designed it.

Florence continues to be ridiculous.

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Florence has a huge, gorgeous 19th-Century synagogue, which doubles as a Jewish museum. I've never seen such a perfect simultaneous statement of "we are of here" and "we are of the Middle East" in a single building. I was surprised by how much that moved me. That plus a contextualisation of the grand building as celebrating the freedom to be visible as a community after centuries of confinement in the ghetto.

After dinner, we went to a chamber concert we saw advertised on posters around town, in some dinky venue. "meh"

In an emergency, I will definitely make sure to consult this clear and simple diagram in the hotel lobby.

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from Ostia Antica, which was the port city for ancient Rome.

And here is some very old advertising

A little free library in an exurb of Rome.

Serious peril for stick figures on the Rome metro.

And sorry Vegas, but the original Caesar's Palace is still the best.

@eldang oh wow. my first thought was, "this looks like architecture you'd see in Washington D.C." but... of course it does. ugh.

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We spent the first half of this week in a holiday camp outside Rome proper, chosen mainly for cheapness + appeal to the kids. Not really my scene-especially because we had to rent a car to go anywhere and the driving here is... not what I'm used to-but it did have this wonderful canopy of pine trees.

Yesterday I dropped behind while we were walking around, and apparently my eldest nephew's theory about why was: "He's found a new species of beetle, which he's looking at with a magnifying glass, and on the back it has a word that he looked up in Google Translate and found that it means 'nerd'."

I'm doing something right.

Wow, he's got you pegged!

Also valid theories: cat petting while photographing flora and eating cannoli.

Pines of the Villa Borghese and the Janiculum

@eldang they're almost doing that no-overlapping thing @InvaderXan tooted a few days back!

@rubah @InvaderXan oh, they totally do that. The canopy at the camp was full of tiny but clear lines between one tree and another.

@eldang this was in part 5 ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ˜ณ

@eldang "Libreria" is "bookstore", vs. "biblioteca", right? Interesting they picked the cognate instead of the direct translation, although it does seem more fitting for how they're actually used...

@mcmoots oh, I think you're right. It's definitely that way around in Spanish and French.

@eldang Oh! I was wondering why the name was familiar! I know it from the awesome manga/graphic novel Thermae Romae, which I highly recommend if you aren't familiar with it. The movie adaptation is pretty good, too.

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