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Made it to Florence, where the wisteria are truly astonishing. Sorry about the crappy pictures - the journey was long, and we didn't get cleaned up and back out of the hotel until the light was fading, but I had to share this four storey

Newsflash: Florence is picturesque.

Florence continues to be ridiculous.

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Florence has a huge, gorgeous 19th-Century synagogue, which doubles as a Jewish museum. I've never seen such a perfect simultaneous statement of "we are of here" and "we are of the Middle East" in a single building. I was surprised by how much that moved me. That plus a contextualisation of the grand building as celebrating the freedom to be visible as a community after centuries of confinement in the ghetto.

After dinner, we went to a chamber concert we saw advertised on posters around town, in some dinky venue. "meh"

Eldan Goldenberg @eldang

In an emergency, I will definitely make sure to consult this clear and simple diagram in the hotel lobby.

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from Ostia Antica, which was the port city for ancient Rome.

And here is some very old advertising

A little free library in an exurb of Rome.

Serious peril for stick figures on the Rome metro.

And sorry Vegas, but the original Caesar's Palace is still the best.

@eldang oh wow. my first thought was, "this looks like architecture you'd see in Washington D.C." but... of course it does. ugh.

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We spent the first half of this week in a holiday camp outside Rome proper, chosen mainly for cheapness + appeal to the kids. Not really my scene-especially because we had to rent a car to go anywhere and the driving here is... not what I'm used to-but it did have this wonderful canopy of pine trees.

Yesterday I dropped behind while we were walking around, and apparently my eldest nephew's theory about why was: "He's found a new species of beetle, which he's looking at with a magnifying glass, and on the back it has a word that he looked up in Google Translate and found that it means 'nerd'."

I'm doing something right.

Wow, he's got you pegged!

Also valid theories: cat petting while photographing flora and eating cannoli.

@compostablespork those would be more likely, tbh. But I told him the only mistake was that if I had found such a thing I'd have definitely called him over to see it too.

@compostablespork well, he doesn't know about mastodon yet.

Pines of the Villa Borghese and the Janiculum

And finally, a wonderful marble statue titled "Gladiator reads news on his phone between bouts". Probably.

You should definitely hire me as a tour guide I will tell you only true things about ye olde times and public art.

Had one of those days when nothing went according to plan. Mostly still a good one, but one derailment after another and a bit of an unwanted rush to get to dinner with the family at the end.

First we tried to go to a department store with an aqueduct in its basement, only to learn that it has two branches and we were in the wrong one.
Then we tried to walk across a park between a metro station and some catacombs on the Appian Way, except that I led us in a path more reminiscent of the Beavis and Butthead movie than anything else. Fortunately said park also had some great meadows full of the buzzing of tiny bees. From there, of the Appian Way:

And here is a bee napping in a flower that makes a perfect bee hammock:

We finally made it to a stretch of the Appian Way that we couldn't explore much because it had fast traffic and limited sidewalks. Still good to listen to the movement in situ, but then we couldn't figure out a safe way to walk to the catacombs half a mile away to compete the piece.
Anyway, here is a pine of the Appian Way.

@eldang "why doesn't anyone fav my most recent tootus?? * I thought it was pretty good."

* because Latin back then

@eldang or maybe:

CW: selfie, eye contact
Looking sweet in my new skirt and matching shawl!

@prin "Those who are about to die subtoot you"

@compostablespork around the biggest-name tourist attractions it's been... intense. I'm so glad the Pines Of Rome dorkery took us to the Janiculum because that's a great viewpoint that isn't crowded like these.

@eldang oh, that first one is my favorite. I have a weakness for photos of tiny things taken from ground level, and this is a fine example.

@twistylittlepassages here's a tiny thing in a crack in the wall of the US Embassy:

@eldang I love how they don't look at all like what I picture when someone says "pines" (being from the NW US).

@twistylittlepassages yes. And they do look like a style of landscape painting that seems unrealistic from the PNW.

@eldang they're almost doing that no-overlapping thing @InvaderXan tooted a few days back!

@rubah @InvaderXan oh, they totally do that. The canopy at the camp was full of tiny but clear lines between one tree and another.

@eldang "Libreria" is "bookstore", vs. "biblioteca", right? Interesting they picked the cognate instead of the direct translation, although it does seem more fitting for how they're actually used...

@mcmoots oh, I think you're right. It's definitely that way around in Spanish and French.

@eldang Oh! I was wondering why the name was familiar! I know it from the awesome manga/graphic novel Thermae Romae, which I highly recommend if you aren't familiar with it. The movie adaptation is pretty good, too.

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