Pretty OK spot to have started my longest run so far:

@vector 2.4 miles, in over half an hour. It's my first run >2 miles or >30 mins, and I'm hoping to do a 5K soon.

@eldang Proud of you! Getting up to 5k can be tough, but you can do it!

@vector Thank you! There's one in 10 days that I like the idea of, but I'm not sure I'll quite be ready yet and I'd rather wait till I can enjoy it. 2.4 miles was a lot today.

@eldang @vector I have to confess that after having done a few now, I don't really love 5Ks. It's cool if it's for a good cause and cooler if I have someone to talk to, but if I'm out for seeing what my best time is and going as hard as I can - it just freaking hurts and is humiliating to be passed effortlessly by pre-teens and it's so much further than you think. I'm pretty over it, as you can tell!

@compostablespork @vector I feel much the same about basically any event that makes physical activity competitive. I'm interested in 5K runs that are very uncompetitive but where having a crowd will hopefully help me keep going, and I won't be at all surprised if after one or two I stop feeling like doing organised runs.

@eldang @compostablespork they had a 5k & beer thing in Little Rock where everyone would do a 5k that ended at a bar and everyone would have a couple of drinks. It was kinda fun. Very non competitive pace.

@vector @eldang I can't do beer but the last 5K I did finished with pancakes (being cooked right there, on a big outdoor griddle!) which is definitely my speed!

@eldang oh wow, beautiful! what is the snowy mountain on the other side?

@distel Tahoma / Rainier, or what I'm usually referring to if I talk about _the_ Mountain.

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