Is anyone using an iPhone mastodon app that you love?

@eldang Amaroq has been pretty solid since I started here 2+ years ago. I don’t know what features it’s missing or not, but no ads, everything very simple and reliable. Ive been very pleased, but I don’t know what is out there either. Can’t say I’ve get the need to look.

@eldang Frustratingly, no. Every one I’ve tried so far (Amaroq, Tootdon, Mast, and Tootle) have either been buggy to the point of it not being worth it to use, or don’t support the features I want (alt text for photos is the main one).
And in the case of, I think it’s Tootle, potentially sketchy data collection practices? :think_disappointed:

@eldang I really like amaroq despite the fact it hasn’t been updated in months.

@eldang wait I just checked it was updated within the week, so that’s cool!

@geske I'm trying that one out right now. So far our it's beating my old standby Amaroq by letting me put custom emoji in toots :_earth: :battery_medium: :cactuar_face: :cowsquid: :earth_pacific: :flan_writing: :gaysper: :moomin_hmm: :ms_blue_heart: :themoreyouknow:

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