katie herzog is the undisputed champion of bad takes and liberal fascist apologetics

#antifa #seattle #liberals #portland #pnw


"If the members of Antifa actually wanted to effect political change and counter the aims of the Proud Boys, they could put down the milkshakes and, say, register people to vote."

"Members of Antifa beat a small, gay, Asian-American journalist in Portland this weekend. Brave! "



@paranoid She's not the only reason, but I've mostly stopped reading the Stranger since she started there.

@eldang their events and places directory is still super useful. and their arts section is a good way to keep up on anything that is passing through seattle, but goddamn everything else is bad.

I hate-listen to their podcast bc i have my mind blown every time as the hosts (centrist democrats) continually identify as "we on the left" and also STILL talk about a clinton presidency

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