I forgot to post a photo yesterday, so here's one from years ago. I've had a couple of conversations in the past week about the sizes of cities, and whenever that comes up I think about this place: flickr.com/photos/eldan/143210


Another old photo because this has not been a banner week in Eldan-world. So it's a good moment to look back to a few anniversaries ago when we visited the Makah Nation, the NW tip of whose territory feels like the edge of the world. flickr.com/photos/eldan/229981

@eldang I'm sorry your week is Not Great. This is a really stunning photo!

@eldang I'm now realizing that's probably not the purpose behind the photo

@nuttgodd I'm having kind of a stressful week, but now I keep looking back at this puppy rock image and smiling. Thank you.

@eldang aw i'm glad!! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful picture, puppy or no puppy

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