Can anyone recommend good orgs to donate to for Bahamas hurricane recovery? Strong preference for local groups and recommendations from people who live there or lived there recently.


Following up on the Bahamas hurricane relief thread: this is the best resource anyone sent:

I have reservations about some of the funds (Red Cross often screw up horrendously; I don't know enough about the govt to give directly to them; ones run by cruise lines feel weird), but donated to the two that made the most sense to me:

A US-based expats supporting the old country org
The pan-Caribbean tourist assoc's relief fund:

@eldang I ended up donating through my company's Foundation, which was giving to a mix of charities. They were doing 150% matching, so that seemed like the best choice for me.

@imani Oh! That's very cool. I would definitely have taken advantage of that if I'd had the option.

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