2019: when I'm at home but still learn about a package being delivered from the USPS automated email.

Also, I'm sure that at this age I'm not supposed to like any new music and just grumble about how it was all objectively better when I was 16, but October 2019 is when I have enough pre-orders of new releases coming that I was surprised by which LP the package contained.

(I'm am 100% the old fart about TV though. Don't talk to me about anything newer than Spaced, or expect me to make references more up-to-date than Red Dwarf or SNG....)

@eldang I usually find out about my package when I look in the letterbox and find a "we tried to deliver but you were out" slip when I was in

@ak Fortunately most things we order seem to be OK to leave on the porch. When something actually does need a signature, that's exactly how it goes, _even if I was sitting in the living room with a view of the porch_.

@eldang The daily email has packages for you? Nice, that doesn't work here :(

@trini I signed up for Informed Delivery because there was a spate of thefts from mailboxes here a few months ago, and one side effect is that if USPS is the last mile carrier for a package I get an email about it the moment the delivery person scans the barcode.

@eldang Ah there've been so many great sitcoms recently though! Not sure I'd go as far as claiming they surpass Spaced, but I've loved Fleabag, Flowers, Chewing Gum, Catastrophe & Stath Lets Flats in the last few years alone. Go back a bit further and you get the likes of Nighty Night, Pulling and The Thick Of It too...

@alx Fleabag in particular I keep hearing people rave about. But I just find I can't get into TV serials in general, regardless of quality. I think it's exactly what was supposed to happen with music in middle age.

@eldang I definitely struggle to commit to long series these days: not sure I'll ever get round to watching Edgy Criminal Underworld Show, Gritty Cop Drama or Overwrought Fantasy Series, no matter how many times I'm recommended them. But British sitcoms seem to have largely stuck to the 6 half-hour episodes format, which I still find digestible.

@eldang Now you have to tell us which one it was! My best guess is the new Nick Cave...

@alx Nope! Today's was while I was expecting . I'm finding that preorder LPs arrive a few days before the official release date, which is a nice little perk, but not a full month.

I'd also missed that Ghosteen was out already as MP3s. Putting that on via spotify RIGHT NOW, but also kind of annoyed that if I want the LP I'll have to wait longer to get the files.

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