@jessmahler 2) Where GR has 3 built-in shelves and you can add others (e.g. I added one for a wishlist), LT has the concept of collections (listed in screenshot), and everything else is a tag. My import mapped my GR Read shelf -> LT Your library collection, and followed to-read and currently reading appropriately. But the custom shelf became a tag. The main reason it matters is that it's easier to combine ccollectionatalog+tag than two tags, so I converted my wishlist tag to the collection...


@jessmahler ...and now I have an easy way to give my parents-in-law a poetry wishlist (poetry tag in wishlist collection) for Christmas.

3) The thing I'm still getting tripped up by is that searching for a book in the obvious site search doesn't lead to an easy way to add it to any of my own collections. Instead I have to go to the separate "Add books" link and search there. As long as I remember to do that, adding to 1 or more of my collections is easy, but I don't have the habit yet.

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