Today is my last day at work before a few weeks off. Before possibly the longest time I've planned to spent 100% off work since first having enough freelance business that it could matter. Except for 2 quick, simple bug fixes, I've spent the whole work day writing up documentation and tidying up code repositories. That's not only very satisfying, but also leaves me thinking I might actually succeed in not touching work until I get back home.


Alright, work is as done as it's going to be, and my stuff including a rather silly number of camera accessories is all packed. All that's left is a pile of dishes and some leftovers to freeze and I'll be ready to go.

I'll be a lot less Online for the next few weeks; please contact other mods (listed at ) for any :weirder_earth: needs.

How did we manage to use so many pots and things that don’t fit in the dishwasher in just the last few days?

This trip starts with a night in Houston. Originally just because of awkward flight timing, but we’ve turned it into something nice because we’ll get to meet someone in meatspace who so far both of us only know from Online. I am wearing my pineapple socks in honor of the mastodon memes of oh so long ago when we first started chatting.

On our way out, not only Tahoma but also Loowit, Pahto, Wyeast and another peak further to the south all came out to bid us farewell from Cascadia. A 5-stratovolcano day always feels blessed.

+ some tiny + a view + a few moments of flying through the trees.
The flowers are called Santa Lucia, and there’s a local saying about how giving someone these in January will make them rich for the year, rhyming Enero with dinero.

It may not look like it from the photos I’ve shared so far, but we are actually here for taiji. I’m just not usually holding a camera in those sessions. But here is some slow photography in that spirit. Details in image descriptions.

Things that have caused distractions in our taiji classes this week:
🐯The resident cat
🦋That moth that landed on one of us and wouldn’t leave
🐦Hummingbirds out the window
🌈A rainbow.

I like this crowd.

I took this short video much more for the sound than the visuals.

Hummingbirds are magical creatures, even if I can only ever capture their images at feeders.

I’m in an airport in Costa Rica and keep seeing wework ads. Not only is there no escape, but also how do they still have an advertising budget?

The flotilla of ships waiting to enter the Panama Canal is a ghostly vision at night.
I’d like to actually visit this country some time, but today we’re just changing planes and being grateful that PTY has the decency to let international transfer passengers stay airside and not make us clear passport control in order to leave like certain other places I won’t name.

For those who know the delightfully eccentric Horniman Museum in south London, here’s what seems to be the dominant tea brand in Quito.

@eldang @nein09 Enjoy your trip! I demand at least occasional photos.

@alx @nein09 thank you! That I can promise, and then _masses_ of photos about six months later when I finally catch up on the editing....

@eldang Nice! What setup did you use for the star trails?

@alx my new camera (an Olympus Tough, bought for underwater use) turns out to have some really fun composite photo modes. This one takes successive exposures and after the first one only adds newly bright pixels.

@eldang Ah yes, my Olympus has the same modes - posted some fun party pics using it on here a while back. I'm guessing it's a fixed lens if it's an underwater camera then? Was asking partly because I'm on the lookout for a M43 wide angle with decent low light performance.

@alx yeah, fixed lens with a small zoom range. So what I’m doing here is bringing both cameras on hikes, one with the telephoto lens on it, the other as the wide angle.

@compostablespork it was. And the tour description totally undersold the forest part, I guess because it’s not the headline attraction, but it added so much.

@eldang wow that’s a large tail for a hummingbird 😍 I wonder what kind it is

@Gizmo I think it’s a violet sabrewing, but because it’s so silhouetted I could be mixing it up with others we saw. Costa Rica has generally bigger hummingbirds than I’m used to seeing at temperate latitudes.

@eldang I’ve never seen one up close before
Did you slow the video down?

@jc yeah, it's the iPhone slow motion mode. I kept totally failing to get decent still pictures, and one of the other people in the group pointed out that slo mo video works way better for this.

@twistylittlepassages not actually going to their house though. You’ll have to ask @z for more mochi photos.

@eldang @z *bangs table some more* let! mochi! go! to the meetup!

@twistylittlepassages @z I can only imagine the pandemonium from bringing a kitten to a seafood restaurant....

@eldang I am an expert at precisely this see also my rutabaga toots

@nein09 that contributed, but I could maybe have also not used both Instant Pot inserts and two different lids, etc etc....

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