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Eldan Goldenberg @eldang@weirder.earth

Day 52. A particularly alive corner of my office, where I go to get away from the screen for a bit.

Day 51. The tree of the Week is the tigertail spruce.

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Getting OrcD at the Symphony tonight.

Day 49. I didn't actually leave the house today, in the hope of shaking off a minor but nagging cold. But I did recently finish uploading the pictures from last year's MIchigan bike tour. So here's one of the Sleeping Bear Dunes, and there are more at flickr.com/photos/eldan/albums

Day 46. Isn't the Point Ruston ferry adorable?

Day 45. This indefatigable narcissus.

Day 44. The pump house at Cal Anderson Park.

Day 43. I switched from a dSLR more than three years ago, and I'm still thrilled with how small my good camera is. Especially with the silly pinhole lens on it, but really with anything but the big telephoto that's for the birds.

Day 41. This smug little fellow.

Day 40. We got home from the bar last night and found a public utilities crew doing some emergency surgery on the lovely big tree on our corner. Weighted down by snow, it was resting on a power line and smouldering alarmingly.

More snowmaggedon photos at flickr.com/photos/eldan/albums

Day 38. Frozen pond. [Sorry Midwesterners, East coasters, inland Canadians: this is a novelty round here]

Wow, the list of races to choose from for an FBI report is even worse than the usual set:

Day 37. Somehow we have bred the super daffodil, immune to burial under snow.

Day 36. Benaroya Hall, from last weekend which had been unusually good for getting to hear interesting music live.