At some friends鈥 house, not for the first time, when I suddenly noticed the art gallery they made for the cat:

For some reason October鈥檚 always good for live music, and this year especially so. Tonight, we鈥檙e waiting for Lemolo and friends at the spectacular Saint Mark鈥檚 Cathedral.

And on the way home, an unusual variation on the classic seat carpet:

鈥婼peaking of classic SF tie-ins, this is not quite what I expected the art museum to be advertising:

鈥婽ashlich meant spending a few hours of today on the lake shore. Didn't expect it to be quite this nice.

This was supposed to be a straightforward picture of McCaw Hall, where tonight's ballet was. I could have sworn I saw the image I was trying to take on the screen. But I don't really care, because I like what it did instead.

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