My taiji teacher just sent me a photo of myself that I don’t hate, from the birdwatching side trip in Costa Rica:

It’s always wise when visiting volcanic places to go and pay one’s respects to the local projector mountains. I wished them all well on Tahoma’s behalf, between short breaths because the teleferico took me from Quito’s altitude to La Paz’s.

Limited activity today because I’m unwell. But we are staying just off the 30km route that Quito closes to cars every Sunday so cyclists and flâneurs can take over. If I’d felt better I’d have preferred to rent a bike and join in, but spending a couple of hours at a sidewalk cafe taking in the scene was also good.

For those who know the delightfully eccentric Horniman Museum in south London, here’s what seems to be the dominant tea brand in Quito.

Hummingbirds are magical creatures, even if I can only ever capture their images at feeders.

I took this short video much more for the sound than the visuals.

It may not look like it from the photos I’ve shared so far, but we are actually here for taiji. I’m just not usually holding a camera in those sessions. But here is some slow photography in that spirit. Details in image descriptions.

+ some tiny + a view + a few moments of flying through the trees.
The flowers are called Santa Lucia, and there’s a local saying about how giving someone these in January will make them rich for the year, rhyming Enero with dinero.

This trip starts with a night in Houston. Originally just because of awkward flight timing, but we’ve turned it into something nice because we’ll get to meet someone in meatspace who so far both of us only know from Online. I am wearing my pineapple socks in honor of the mastodon memes of oh so long ago when we first started chatting.

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