Oh, database, why do you have to start falling over and force me to restore from backup on a Friday, as the team is getting ready to go to the pub?

We got an astonishingly long flowering out of our dahlias this year because November’s weather was so weird. But all that lives must die and last week’s frost saw to that.

World Receiver
New work at the Seattle Art Museum since I last visited.
I’m not sure why I’m quite so charmed by this particular piece, but I love it.

I love the art deco-ness of this silverware we inherited from @nein09’s great grandma.

Here's a good news story about coral reefs: theguardian.com/environment/20

TLDR: they can be cultivated, even quite close to the equator, to restore a reef from bleaching and sediment damage. And Wasini Island, Kenya is showing how local people can be deeply engaged in the restoration and directly benefit from tourism to their newly resplendent reef + better fishing outside the restoration area.

More smol friends, these ones took up residence in the tip jar of the coffee stand in the lobby of my office.

If you choose the wrong London, Seatac airport's arrivals tracker tells you there are no flights coming from there.

Inspect Element tells me that one is LHR and one is LGW. Nice work, web developers.

I wonder how many times I walked past this before suddenly noticing its googly eyes just now.

Please tell me why I shouldn't order a range of YOUR LOGO branded clothing.

I am dumbfounded that no-one else on this bus sees the allure of riding at the front of the top deck. Especially because I’m probably the only one using it for a short hop.

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