​After that, we walked by the community garden where we had a plot for ~7 years. It was nice to see the plot next to our old one overflowing with flowers (and a hummingbird!), a dense residential building on what used to be a surface parking lot, a new mural and the exterior wall we'd helped clean up & plant in our last year there absolutely thriving.

I've been so frustrated with so many things in Seattle lately, and hadn't realised how much I needed to see something thriving.


I finally finished processing my photos from Haïti in January: flickr.com/photos/eldan/albums

We officially wrapped up the project 2 weeks ago, but I am definitely still processing feelings about it.

I photographed the Art before it was finished. Now it looks like this. I had youtu.be/23ENeIW5rVM in my headphones as I walked up to it; seemed to fit.

The $2bn car-only tunnel we're replacing it with remains as terrible a :hot_shit: as its always been, but man it's nice to see the Viaduct go. The downtown Seattle waterfront is already much more pleasant to walk along just because that imposing hulk and its noise assault is no more.

This would be much improved by smell-o-vision. I wasn't even planning to stop, but the fragrance drew me in.

[Caption: a big purple rose. Aside: I was liking Tootdon until I couldn't find a way to caption images properly in it, which is disappointing]

A snippet of a big, lovely mural at 12th Ave Arts, by an artist who we bought a very small painting from ~7 years ago and seems to be finally getting her well-deserved time in the sun: southseattleemerald.com/2019/0 onesevennine.myportfolio.com/p

Today's is a sage that I almost pruned to death a couple of years. It's nice to see it thriving again. I believe in you, sage, and I'm sorry I miscalculated so badly that one time!

I fell behind with posting photos. Here is some adorable sidewalk chalk from Saturday

. His name is Douglas Fur, he is very soft and his appetite for head rubs is limitless.

On the one hand, I've never felt as middle aged as when I walked into my friend's son's gig, immediately shoved earplugs in my ears, and then listened to them covering some of the same songs I learned bass by playing.
On the other, live music is fun and I wish I'd had as many chances to play in real venues as these kids.

Oh, and by coincidence the photo that I forgot to toot was the "Mutt Shots" board from inside that same cafe

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