Did too much work today, and took time to get my every-8-weeks meds. So here's a picture of the central library from a few days ago. One of the things I appreciate about Seattle is that one of its most impressive landmark buildings is a library.

I'm still thinking about how lovely Plymouth Church is. The architecture too:

Plymouth Church wants you to know exactly how it feels.
For whatever this non-christian's opinion is worth, the Jesus of my reading would concur.

I did need that break from the self-imposed pressure to post a nice photo every day, but I'm going to restart now because it has generally been a really good practice for me. The self-imposed pressure that I really need to leave behind is for the photos to be consistently good.

Take these bathing pigeons, for example. Crappy photo, but the delight they were taking in a mucky little puddle still feels worth sharing.

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This popped up after dark yesterday, as if to thank me for watering at dusk.


The trails themselves are beautiful and varied: the project inherently needs sites with a wide range of snow melt dates, so they take us across almost the whole range of terrain there that doesn't need specialised equipment to access. I had to pass on today's hike because I woke up with gut and back pain (maybe one causing the other?), but even the little walk I could handle while waiting for the rest of the party was a delight.

Several of the study sites have Sitka Valerian, and that's also one of the plants that takes over when there's a recent disturbance like a rockslide. It was absolutely covered in these small black-and-white butterflies.

We were there for a very specialised sort of : reporting on the life cycle phases of flowers at various study sites for meadowatch.org/ . That doesn't always mean there are lots of flowers--data from well before and after peak bloom also matter--but we were there at a good time for flowers this year.

The taco truck spot at 21st & Union has upgraded its seating area.

I'm finally getting around to the proper edit of my photos from Florence in April. Might as well start with a total cliche: flickr.com/photos/eldan/albums

All this photo scanning is reminding me of when my mum dug up the super 8 projector in Turkey and we hand-respooled some 60s filmstrips so we could project them onto a paper bag: flickr.com/photos/eldan/887851

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