Dear neighbor, your garden is intruding on ours. Please don't do anything to stop this.

鈥婼ummer seemed to end a few weeks earlier and much more definitively than usual this year, but that doesn't mean we're done with neighbourhood

Fort Worden . The purple ones are in a former gun emplacement; I appreciated the upgrade.

鈥婣fter that, we walked by the community garden where we had a plot for ~7 years. It was nice to see the plot next to our old one overflowing with flowers (and a hummingbird!), a dense residential building on what used to be a surface parking lot, a new mural and the exterior wall we'd helped clean up & plant in our last year there absolutely thriving.

I've been so frustrated with so many things in Seattle lately, and hadn't realised how much I needed to see something thriving.

Today's is a sage that I almost pruned to death a couple of years. It's nice to see it thriving again. I believe in you, sage, and I'm sorry I miscalculated so badly that one time!

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