The first of our dahlia blossoms has been slowly opening all week.

The lavender in and around Seattle is approaching peak bloom, and the bees are making their approval clear.

​After that, we walked by the community garden where we had a plot for ~7 years. It was nice to see the plot next to our old one overflowing with flowers (and a hummingbird!), a dense residential building on what used to be a surface parking lot, a new mural and the exterior wall we'd helped clean up & plant in our last year there absolutely thriving.

I've been so frustrated with so many things in Seattle lately, and hadn't realised how much I needed to see something thriving.

This would be much improved by smell-o-vision. I wasn't even planning to stop, but the fragrance drew me in.

[Caption: a big purple rose. Aside: I was liking Tootdon until I couldn't find a way to caption images properly in it, which is disappointing]

Today's is a sage that I almost pruned to death a couple of years. It's nice to see it thriving again. I believe in you, sage, and I'm sorry I miscalculated so badly that one time!

Today's photo is kind of from right at home, but as pretty as the calendula and chives are it's actually the drip irrigation that I'm really pleased with now. This is v2, installed today and so far seeming to work nicely. Now I just need to get one of those cable ramp thingies so I can run the house across the sidewalk to connect this without causing a hazard.

I wish I had smellovision for today's . The experience of cycling the West Seattle Bridge is normally dominated by sounds and smells of traffic, though it's at least low stress due to a separated trail. But for a few weeks in spring the smell of these roses overcomes the smell of burning dinosaurs.

Honestly feeling pretty ambivalent about coming home to Seattle this time. But my neighborhood is beautiful right now.

First we tried to go to a department store with an aqueduct in its basement, only to learn that it has two branches and we were in the wrong one.
Then we tried to walk across a park between a metro station and some catacombs on the Appian Way, except that I led us in a path more reminiscent of the Beavis and Butthead movie than anything else. Fortunately said park also had some great meadows full of the buzzing of tiny bees. From there, of the Appian Way:

Made it to Florence, where the wisteria are truly astonishing. Sorry about the crappy pictures - the journey was long, and we didn't get cleaned up and back out of the hotel until the light was fading, but I had to share this four storey

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