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I spent some of a grey, slow morning editing photos from a glorious day by the sea in July. As I finished, the sun came out, almost as if summoned by this memory.

Authority (first section spoiler) 

Authority (first section spoiler) 

Authority (first section spoiler) 

(or did they just recycle the surplus "9" that Microsoft neglected to use for a Windows version?)

Tired of muggle counting with its numbers taking the same old boring sequence every time? Try Apple Counting™️ and put 9 after 10 or 11 because nothing means anything any more.

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@twistylittlepassages that sounds about right. But I’m also not surprised that my first piece ever would have a bunch of beginner mistakes in it.


@twistylittlepassages thank you! I could tell you all about the flaws in this scarf that I made, but I’m still pleased with it. And the camera was a birthday gift that totally incidentally [the real selling point being that it will work underwater] has a focus stacking mode that lets me do extreme close ups with a wider depth of field, which happens to be perfect for these scenes.

@erosdiscordia can only offer you virtual ones, but here goes. And yeah, of course that news would be upsetting.

@jessmahler there’s something very nice about hand made wooden machinery. Some of the shuttles we were using had been made by the teacher’s husband’s grandpa.

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