@mcmoots @vector I don't actually know, but I'd hope any rich text editor would have an option to turn it off.

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Some happier bike stuff: look at all these designs in the Bicycle Architecture Biennale: theguardian.com/cities/bike-bl

[NB: not all are built, some are concept designs]

From that article, I learned about thequeensway.org/ which has potential to be all the cool things the High Line isn't (I :heart_ms: the High Line but it is basically a tourist playground). And I used to live by Parkland Walk which they cite on thequeensway.org/the-plan/plan and cycled it regularly.

@vector hrm... I thought glitch-soc had rich text but reading the page now I don't think it does.

@vector :jhg_w: :sm64_h: :jhg_a: :sm64_t: :sm64_quote: :jhg_s: :sm64_w: :jhg_r: :sm64_o: :jhg_n: :sm64_g: :jhg_w: :sm64_i: :jhg_t: :sm64_h: :jhg_u: :sm64_s: :jhg_i: :sm64_n: :jhg_g: :sm64_e: :jhg_m: :sm64_o: :jhg_j: :sm64_i: :jhg_f: :sm64_o: :jhg_r: :sm64_t: :jhg_h: :sm64_a: :jhg_t:

(don't worry, writing all that out answered my rhetorical question very thoroughly)

@vector I am interested in what people have to say, but don't know enough about Florence. I think I'm currently leaning towards glitch - although there are only 2 or 3 features there that I personally care about, I bet everything in the set is relevant to someone here. (I'd do patches if it were a personal instance, maybe)

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Hey Weirder Earthicans. We’re on 2.9.0 Vanilla Mastodon, but I am curious where we want to go? Florence has just released their first forked version of Mastodon and Glitch.social is always a pppular option, or we could just pull features as patches into our own fork as desired. What direction do you want us to go in?

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OK, I'm asking for money (the first time ever). Please boost!

I need to come up with $175 to arbitrate with a law firm. If I can't come up with the $175 I am going to lose over $1,000— which will financially devastate me.

You can read about the whole situation here: gofundme.com/help-me-fight-an-

Please help, even if you can only give $3 or $4!

There's a lot of spambots going around now, and some real people showing their arses in response to Tusky's rickrolling thing. Thank you moderators of various other instances for quickly banning accounts reported by :weirder_earth: users. Together we can keep this a comfortable space and minimise cycles wasted on banal bullshit.

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@sunconscious Thanks. I think I was too focussed on looking through individual projects, but that overall view is exactly what I need to stop dropping packets.

@Tak Thank you, that is exactly what I was looking for. Not sure how I overlooked it in the UI.

Does Github have a page where I can see all pull requests that are awaiting my review? I would like this for myself and for one of my collaborators - we both tend to miss review requests if they come in while we're absorbed in something else.


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