I really should try to visit an interesting synagogue in every new city I go to. Not least because the fediverse loves the photos.

@popstar “oh, ‘Karen’, eh? *sighs* the name that launched a thousand ships....”

#2256 "Bad Map Projection: South America" 

@alx I am an absolute sucker for modern styles of both stained glass and religious art in general.

caps excited for you 

aww poor @eldang is starting to look a little worse for wear here :moomin_sad:

caps excited for you 

general announcement: ambiguity in english language is ok! 

@nein09 you’re supposed to CW posts that will make people barf.

@z @nein09 oh, learning that must have been a super fun time.

My taiji teacher just sent me a photo of myself that I don’t hate, from the birdwatching side trip in Costa Rica:


@Melisandre thank you! That was a spot where the photos practically took themselves, but I am excited about seeing that particular one on a big monitor and doing a proper edit when I get home.

It’s always wise when visiting volcanic places to go and pay one’s respects to the local projector mountains. I wished them all well on Tahoma’s behalf, between short breaths because the teleferico took me from Quito’s altitude to La Paz’s.


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