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"Scientific" explanations for the ten plagues are fun but necessarily speculative and not important-the whole story works as literature anyway. So I like the way this article about them turns at the end, admitting these things and still managing to draw a lesson out of one of the hypothesized mechanisms: time.com/5561441/passover-10-p


The gods asked us to build them a palace and to annually perform sacrifices such that the rivulets carved into the floor would run red and full, but what we found out is that the gods are so removed from our experience that they have no idea what blood actually is.

That's why our temple floors are flooded with Mountain Dew Code Red(TM) and our crops have never been healthier!









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Yay I got the tooter back on my phone, here is a photo of the Spanish Steps from a few days ago.

For some reason these posters in Rome made me think of Mastodon.

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@nein09 @alx thanks for turning my dream into a nightmare before I even go to bed.

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@nein09 @alx me too. Extra vividly because I just used malt vinegar to clean my CPAP. It seems to be more effective than the more neutral white vinegar I use at home, but I think I'll be dreaming of fish and chips tonight.

@iangilman when did you add the logbook feature to Living Worlds? It's delightful!

@rubah @InvaderXan oh, they totally do that. The canopy at the camp was full of tiny but clear lines between one tree and another.

@twistylittlepassages here's a tiny thing in a crack in the wall of the US Embassy:

We finally made it to a stretch of the Appian Way that we couldn't explore much because it had fast traffic and limited sidewalks. Still good to listen to the movement in situ, but then we couldn't figure out a safe way to walk to the catacombs half a mile away to compete the piece.
Anyway, here is a pine of the Appian Way.

And here is a bee napping in a flower that makes a perfect bee hammock:

First we tried to go to a department store with an aqueduct in its basement, only to learn that it has two branches and we were in the wrong one.
Then we tried to walk across a park between a metro station and some catacombs on the Appian Way, except that I led us in a path more reminiscent of the Beavis and Butthead movie than anything else. Fortunately said park also had some great meadows full of the buzzing of tiny bees. From there, of the Appian Way:

We left a big family dinner around midnight, to a crowd of people coming out of a nearby church from Easter vigil.

Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate that! Happy Pesach to all of you who celebrate that! Kosher for Passover chocolate eggs for everyone who wants them!