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here's a fox thinking white sheets are snow

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split decisions
still have
an impact
on the workings
of the world


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@Wewereseeds as the young people like to say these days, ACAB!
(All Capybaras Are Beautiful)

Me just now:
* Brews tea
* Brings teapot and mug to desk
* Takes basket out of teapot and puts it on a saucer
* [oops what was supposed to go here?]
* Attempts to sip a cold mugful of air.

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More counting of what we have left from spaaaaaaaaace: bbc.com/news/science-environme (I had nothing to do with this one, just think it's cool)

🛰️ 🐋 🌏 💙

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On the way home , which was also some help.

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Here's a great demonstration of the value of randomised controlled trials and the limits of observational studies:

It also shows no benefit from workplace wellness programs. In an ideal world this would make them mostly go away, but I fear capitalism's ability to cause the worst possible outcome from any given thing. In this instance, I could easily see employers responding to this data by finding excuses to lay off employees who don't sign up.

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