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me when i say im logging off to write but im still browsing my feed

Me speaking French: "I'm sorry I misgendered your table" --lol, I don't think the table cares.

Me speaking English: "I'm sorry I misgendered that person" --OK, actually mortified when this happened.

Me speaking Turkish: "Thank heavens for the lack of linguistic gender, this makes things so much easier" --unlike everything else about the language.

What must it have been like, to cut down a tree and realize that it was 3000 years old?

My family has only been in this country for 4 generations.


uspol (~-) 

uspol (~-) 

fascists that might be in your area, PSA (UK) 

split decisions
still have
an impact
on the workings
of the world


pol adjacent 

Me just now:
* Brews tea
* Brings teapot and mug to desk
* Takes basket out of teapot and puts it on a saucer
* [oops what was supposed to go here?]
* Attempts to sip a cold mugful of air.

help uspol 

More counting of what we have left from spaaaaaaaaace: (I had nothing to do with this one, just think it's cool)

馃洶锔 馃悑 馃審 馃挋

Algorithmic racism: quick easy request 

fax the HHS / us pol 


TIL There are mini truck garden contests in Japan

The 鈥渒ei鈥 trucks are barely larger than city cars. The goal is to build the most aesthetically pleasing garden in the truck bed

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