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Eldan Goldenberg @eldang@weirder.earth

TFW I see an old old blog post that saw exactly where startupland was going: megnut.com/2000/04/14/ive-been

Just a small instance girl

Livin' with a lonely world~

She took the federated time line goin' aaaannyyyyywheeereeee

I appreciate that a couple of the software tools I use the most use text (XML or JSON) as their saved file format. I don't appreciate how routinely it's easier to open up the saved file in a text editor and use find-and-replace instead of fixing things through the UI. I _do_ appreciate the [redacted] employee who first showed me that trick.

Day 38. Frozen pond. [Sorry Midwesterners, East coasters, inland Canadians: this is a novelty round here]

one weird trick to never getting a parking ticket again (car dealerships hate it!) Show more

US public health, deeply pessimistic Show more

Oh dude I love the York International Film Festival!

A factor of privilege is being able to state certain ideas both clearly and succinctly without effort, because the words are already there, and everyone knows them.

Wow, the list of races to choose from for an FBI report is even worse than the usual set:

I pinged @mykola out of band and he says he'll fix it after work.

Looks like it. @mykola @dzuk I think the server might need a kick.

Has weirder.earth stopped federating again?

engineering teams that work remote: when you're setting up dev environment, a bunch of sensitive or even secret things need to be shared... database dumps, access keys for env files. Is there best practice on how to do this?

It's true, I checked. :) NASA was getting kids to name Mars rovers even then (I knew they'd named Spirit and Oppy, and I think Curiosity too) and a 12-year-old picked this for Sojourner Truth.

I mentioned this somewhere else and a friend said sojourner was named for Sojourner Truth. I'd never known that!