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TFW I see an old old blog post that saw exactly where startupland was going: megnut.com/2000/04/14/ive-been

Just a small instance girl

Livin' with a lonely world~

She took the federated time line goin' aaaannyyyyywheeereeee

one weird trick to never getting a parking ticket again (car dealerships hate it!) Show more

Looks like it. @mykola @dzuk I think the server might need a kick.







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There's this cathartic moment in Waiting For Godot when one of the protagonists suddenly shouts "people are bloody ignorant apes". But on reflection, Beckett was being thoroughly unkind to all the other ape species.

a mastodon instance for people who like drunk curling

me when i say im logging off to write but im still browsing my feed

Over the last 66 days the Insight Lander has slowly and carefully assembled a science instrument on Martian soil.

You can follow along with a new nearly-live view every couple of hours here:


Day 33. Temporary art on the downtown viaduct that closed to cars a few weeks ago and we'll finally be getting rid of altogether over the next few months.

‪Whether you call it Imbolc (which was yesterday), Groundhog Day (today), or International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (also today, this year), happy midpoint through winter! ❄️🌷‬

I didn't even notice the champagne cork on the floor until I posted the picture. That's from the dusty basement of my office. Not the most obvious place for that kind of party....

Day 32. My commute's not always so beautiful. Today I was grateful for things like waterproof clothing, indoor bike parking, and having had the presence of mind to pack a change of socks on an otherwise very disorganised morning.

Large Hadron Collider? More like Large Hadron COOLider. I have nothing intelligent to say on this topic. The LHC is awesome.

A fleet of spaceships entered Earth's orbit.
"Greetings," they radioed, "we are just here to debrief our agents, to perpare for talks with you."
In a shimmer of light, every cat on Earth was beamed up.
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