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#tokyocameraclub #鏉变含銈儭銉╅儴 #Japan #Photo #鍐欑湡 #鏃ユ湰 #Photograph #Photography

All #translation must deviate from the original, so all translation must lie, at least a little. Embrace that lie and make it a good one:

What must it have been like, to cut down a tree and realize that it was 3000 years old?

My family has only been in this country for 4 generations.


uspol (~-) 

uspol (~-) 

fascists that might be in your area, PSA (UK) 

split decisions
still have
an impact
on the workings
of the world


pol adjacent 

Me just now:
* Brews tea
* Brings teapot and mug to desk
* Takes basket out of teapot and puts it on a saucer
* [oops what was supposed to go here?]
* Attempts to sip a cold mugful of air.

help uspol 

More counting of what we have left from spaaaaaaaaace: (I had nothing to do with this one, just think it's cool)

馃洶锔 馃悑 馃審 馃挋

Algorithmic racism: quick easy request 

fax the HHS / us pol 


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