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Captain's log supplementary: in said tea shop, because that shop is actually perfect.







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And by a landslide, the March selection for the #SFFBookclub is The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, by Becky Chambers.

As always, all that is needed to participate is to follow and use the hashtag. Also, when posting spoilers, please note in the CW how far into the book it is (e.g., chapter number).

We do have funds to help people who might otherwise have trouble accessing the book. DM me for details if this is you.

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Day 58. I just got photos online from a weekend in a cabin by a lake in NW Washington last November. Birbs and trees and hills and clouds and a couch facing a big window to take it all in.

This is your reminder that someone had a balloon lift flowers into the stratosphere and it was absolutely beautiful

It just occurred to me that since almost every computer I interact with these days is in the cloud, every time I get frustrated with one I am literally yelling at a cloud.

All #translation must deviate from the original, so all translation must lie, at least a little. Embrace that lie and make it a good one:

So I made a thing.

The green on this graph shows where chlorophyll b absorbs (the type mostly used by plants). You can see it catches light in two places. Near 450nm (the blue end of the spectrum) and around 650nm (in the red).

The two lines show the wavelengths emitted by LED lights. Blue is cool white and red is warm white. Both have a spike in emission around chlorophyll's blue absorption and broad emission over the red absorption.

In other words, this is why houseplants like LED lighting!

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Listening to someone describe a recent virtual reality demo they experienced is like hearing about what happened on this acid trip they had right so there was a WHALE but like tiny and just there and I TOUCHED it okay and then

This doesn't seem to be like it's common knowledge like it should be. Short #tootorial:

You ever wanted to peace out of a Masto conversation? People went off on a tangent you don't care about and they keep getting into your mentions?

Click on the three dots next to the unwanted mentions in your notification column and then "mute conversation".

The friends will keep on talking and you won't have to hear them.

This only silences this thread; people in it can still talk to you outside of it.

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