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Made it to Florence, where the wisteria are truly astonishing. Sorry about the crappy pictures - the journey was long, and we didn't get cleaned up and back out of the hotel until the light was fading, but I had to share this four storey

I forgot to post this on Sunday. As terrible as the tunnel is, it's nice to see the fecking Viaduct finally start to come down.

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@CobaltVelvet scientists: here's a black hole with the mass of billions of suns, an event horizon as large as the solar system, and an inferno of an accretion disk that's blasting out unbelievable amounts of hard radiation.

Fediverse: i wanna pet it.

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1960's soviet environmental poster.

鈥渄o not desecrate nature!鈥

"We decoded the message from space."
"Great! But... You don't look happy?"
"It's just 'Help, how do I turn this transmitter off?' repeated."
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Featured in Teen Vogue today:

"Fresh off a successful campaign to organize fast-food workers in the Pacific Northwest, the Industrial Workers of the World have also recently announced the formation of the Freelance Journalists Union, a move that brings labor鈥檚 radical history into step with its uncertain but exciting future." #IWW_FJU #IWW #freelancejournalistsunion #theunionmakesusstrong #solidarityforever

Bigotry isn't ok just because it's directed at a horrible person. Be careful about who you're hurting in the process


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Actually why am I fussing about documentation at all? The real question is not "how can I achieve task X in software Y?", it's "why am I not living in a yurt raising sheep?"

I'm actually glad I watched that. Though it is bad and dishonest in some really important ways, the secondary reporting had made it sound like it proposes concentration camps for homeless people addicted to drugs, and it does not in fact go to that level of evil. I felt that I had to know because it seems to be getting traction in local politics. Perhaps tomorrow I'll write something more coherent about it - for now I'm a bit drink from the amount of whisky I needed just to cope with its tone.

Well, gods help me, I've poured myself a large whisky and I'm going to watch the homelessness "documentary" everyone's upset about. If it's half as bad as the first few minutes made it look, I'll need this drink.

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