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Why: shove your way to the front of the scrum to get off the ferry and then amble a generously spaced two abreast up the whole quarter mile walkway to the street?

I have been spending a lot of my time supporting and helping my friend who has reached a point, after almost 3yrs of bureaucracy, where our immigration have rejected her 2yo sons visa because the cost of his disability is a burden. This is despite the fact he will die if he goes home as they do not have the treatment he needs. We have a petition as part of the campaign for ministerial intervention. Would be so grateful if you could sign and share #savekayban

selfie, ec 

Nothing like back-to-back Taiji classes to get me back to level. And with that vantage point I see how melodramatic that last sentence looks. But it's not today in isolation so much as that commute as a microcosm of a broader feeling that in the past 5 years, as we've failed to address either gentrification or homelessness, Seattle has become a meaner place.

Today I rode my bike to work for the first time in a month or so. The hiatus was mostly for fun reasons like travel, but today reminded me of the other reason I'm cycling less these days: unless I can keep well out of rush hour, the ride home is no longer fun. I had two people pull dangerous shenanigans to get around me in the first few blocks, where I have to be extra careful because of the fucking streetcar tracks...

I feel like gender is about what I found a lady giving away free goat poop.

Reminder to not cross the picket line tomorrow and avoid using all rideshare apps. Help out workers in their struggle for fair pay!!

This dataset includes a company called "FARAGE ECOSYSTEM" and I feel like I'm being trolled.


@eldang Mozilla themselves let their cert run out, there's a hotfix if you turn on the "studies" feature in security settings

re: a brief history of christian atonement theory 

Any reason why all 6 add-ons I use in Firefox would have been disabled overnight? It's giving me a message about add-on signing ( ) but I can't imagine that none of the authors of these would have kept up with new requirements, and it's a few weeks since the last browser update.

A spaceship landed. An alien emerged, ignored the gathering crowd, and placed a sign on the ground.
It said "Do not touch"
The alien returned to the spaceship, which took off. Inside it, shortly after, an alarm went off.
"They touched it," the alien said to another. "Pay up."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

This is GENIUS. 馃憦馃徑

Brilliant use of cognitive framing as well as humor. And fighting gentrification in one fell swoop.

RT afainatl@birdsite:

Someone is thinking creatively about white nationalist leaders active on the Atlanta property market.

"Posters Urge Atlanta Residents Not to Dump Trash on White Supremacists鈥 Properties"

#antifa #atl #directaction


Also people who need stitches get stitches.

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