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Logging shows are more fun than I had expected. Displays of skill with dangerous power tools and heights....

Swypo OTD: "fireworks" -> "ghee Turks".

Why: shove your way to the front of the scrum to get off the ferry and then amble a generously spaced two abreast up the whole quarter mile walkway to the street?

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I had no idea modular synths went back that far.

Eagle Harbor being as pretty as usual:

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#ReproductiveRights #ReproductiveHealth

Some great resources for reproductive rights and resources. Boost to help somebody who may need it and donate if you have the means✊🏽❤️.


I have been spending a lot of my time supporting and helping my friend who has reached a point, after almost 3yrs of bureaucracy, where our immigration have rejected her 2yo sons visa because the cost of his disability is a burden. This is despite the fact he will die if he goes home as they do not have the treatment he needs. We have a petition as part of the campaign for ministerial intervention. Would be so grateful if you could sign and share #savekayban

lmfao i love the picture for Darkthrone on last.fm right now

I haven't quite found that, but clothes shopping is fun for the first time in my life, and when I got my first new-style shirts I found myself excited like a kid with a new toy. I guess I should have done this a while ago.

It's been an interesting challenge figuring out what sort of thing to replace the old uniform with. I definitely want to push out of the "man box" but my tastes tend to run fairly stereotypically masculine, and those are the sorts of clothes that tend to look right on a me-shaped body. But at the William Morris Gallery recently I decided that my goal was shirts printed with his wallpaper designs.

~ Fun fact ~

There's a contest for all five of the Eurosenses!

* Eurovision is for original songs, of course
* Eurolfactory is for industrial design history trivia
* Europroprioception is for gymnastics
* Euroecholocation is for masked crime-fighting

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Trans-inclusive [web / software / information] design: alistapart.com/article/trans-i

[Apologies to whoever I saw this from - I don't remember who to thank]

Nothing like back-to-back Taiji classes to get me back to level. And with that vantage point I see how melodramatic that last sentence looks. But it's not today in isolation so much as that commute as a microcosm of a broader feeling that in the past 5 years, as we've failed to address either gentrification or homelessness, Seattle has become a meaner place.