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It's happening:

(The greatest thing is this is probably all he'll be remembered for.)

Is there an iOS client that supports polls yet?

The case for replacing confederate monuments with bad triceratops statues (with illustrations).

@eldang La Gomera in the Canary Islands to communicate across the deep ravines and narrow valleys that radiate through the island

I had the privilege of working with simultaneous interpreters in January. It was for technical training, which means much slower speech than at a political press conference, with a lot of pauses to demo things, and even so I was in awe of the work they were doing. There were also two of them so they could take breaks, but I hope for everyone's sake that Ardern's press conferences are not as long as the classes I was teaching....

Jewish intra-community 

Israel/Palestine (a + step for once) 

Israel/Palestine (a + step for once) 

Today's gender is love and the smell of onions sauteeing.

(extremely heterosexual voice) how do you know which partner is the garbage and which is the recycling?

Today's is a sage that I almost pruned to death a couple of years. It's nice to see it thriving again. I believe in you, sage, and I'm sorry I miscalculated so badly that one time!

awful people 

architecture, history, middle east/arid architechture 

anyone Seattle based looking for senior system ops/admin work? >.>

Is there an art history word like "Orientalist", but specific to the themes & aesthetics of stereotyped Native Americans? Psychedelic eagle feathers and shit like that?

The basic racism process is similar but the target & results are different and I want to talk specifically about that aesthetic sometimes.

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