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If you ever think for an instant that misogyny in gaming is new, remember that there was an uproar when the Queen was added to chess in Europe because she was a "powerful female figure".

Gab, fedi drama redux 

I have been spending a lot of my time supporting and helping my friend who has reached a point, after almost 3yrs of bureaucracy, where our immigration have rejected her 2yo sons visa because the cost of his disability is a burden. This is despite the fact he will die if he goes home as they do not have the treatment he needs. We have a petition as part of the campaign for ministerial intervention. Would be so grateful if you could sign and share #savekayban

These keep popping up each year in the front yard. They’re like the greatest weeds ever

daylight savings time 

I try to apply the lesson of every day. I often fail, but the days when I succeed are better.

All #translation must deviate from the original, so all translation must lie, at least a little. Embrace that lie and make it a good one:

What must it have been like, to cut down a tree and realize that it was 3000 years old?

My family has only been in this country for 4 generations.

uspol (~-) 

uspol (~-) 

fascists that might be in your area, PSA (UK) 

split decisions
still have
an impact
on the workings
of the world


pol adjacent 

Me just now:
* Brews tea
* Brings teapot and mug to desk
* Takes basket out of teapot and puts it on a saucer
* [oops what was supposed to go here?]
* Attempts to sip a cold mugful of air.

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