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@iangilman Living Worlds feature request: would it be easy to add an option to keep the time visible? I would use this app as a nightstand clock if I could make it do that.

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Jetpack are great, but have you considered plane suits ?

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I鈥檓 about to start writing about #climate issues. I鈥檓 no expert, I鈥檓 going to need a lot of input. What sources do you recommend?

#climatecollapse #climatecrisis #climatechange #climateaction

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when a company advertises a "machine learning" or AI approach, we should ask them

- what is the model you're using? no, I won't accept that it's proprietary info.
- what is your training set? is the data complete? no, quantity is not good enough. where are the blind spots and how have you consulted with experts in the field to correct them?
- have you received peer review? If not, there's the door. come back when you have.

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Today鈥檚 graffiti: Super Saiyan Pedestrian

馃毝馃徏 馃敟 :greenway:

This review of a book about Victorian-era London restaurants is blowing my fucking mind

(soft paywalled, use the google cache or turn off JS to read the whole thing)

"Reports also say he asked officials to bring in air fresheners "to make it pleasant. Get whatever flavour you will find in any office, whether it's vanilla or strawberry. We cannot continue sitting in an environment that smells bad." Yet the smell is said to have subsided before any such sprays were found, allowing the debate to continue."

This is an unusually profound and moving article about the latest IPCC report: "This Land is the Only Land There Is"

In my experience, when some fairweather leftist says something like "the working class isn't gonna get this," it means they personally don't like it and they're projecting

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migra (, chinga la) 

migra (, chinga la) 

migra (, chinga la) 

migra (, chinga la) 

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