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Have you heard of this game where you play as a horrible goose that wreaks mischief on the mild-mannered inhabitants of a small English village?

This neural net certainly hadn't.

when you try to hide your classist idea with some """"woke"""" reason (use the most sarcastic voice here)

鈥婼peaking of classic SF tie-ins, this is not quite what I expected the art museum to be advertising:

TFW I put on a Kodaly piece I hadn't heard before and suddenly I'm visualising Princess Leia... oh, right, I've found another of the things John Williams "borrowed".

Also, I love how the model village is a model of the village it's in, and has a miniature of itself in the middle. I wasn't quite sold on the "social commentary about Brexit Britain" angle on this game until now, but this feels perfect.

:goose_honk: I got to the final boss of Untitled Goose Game! :goose_peek:

uspol, migra (+) 

uspol, migra (+) 

Ugh, sick again. At least I have :goose_honk: game, buckets of tea and this month's selection, but believe it or not I'd actually rather have spent this Monday afternoon working and then cycled home.

dog pic 

鈥渃lient was open to exploring novel emotional expressive words鈥 is therapist code for 鈥渃lient sure can cuss a lot, wow鈥

PB makes me feel better about times I've thanked [what I assume to be] a robot for a notification.

鈥婽ashlich meant spending a few hours of today on the lake shore. Didn't expect it to be quite this nice.

Musicians I dug:

There was really only one set that felt like it wasn鈥檛 good, which is a great ratio for an enthusiast con at which I鈥檇 heard of none of the performers. But these are the ones that really worked for me.

This is a lovely event. Mostly half hour sets, which are perfect for just going in and listening to people I'd never heard of - long enough to get into it if it hooks me, and short enough that it's ok if it doesn't. And a nice thing about the setup is that they had each performer make one table with their gear, just switching out tables between sets for minimal downtime.

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