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Chick Corea played here tonight and it was life-changing. Not the least of which because I will never be happy listening to the non Chick Corea version of Rhapsody In Blue again.

question on gender neutral pronouns 

In June, 1763, as a part of the larger Pontiac’s War, a group of Ojibwa gathered outside of Fort Michilimackinac and started to play a game of lacrosse (baaga’adowe). A crowd of the soldiers quickly gathered outside to watch the fast-paced, spirited game. Leaving their guns behind inside the fort. As the crowd watched the game, several native women with guns, knives, and other weapons under their blankets /shawls stood by the fort entrance.

The lacrosse ball was thrown towards the gate and the native players ran after it, and then 500+ rushed into the fort. As the native men rushed in, they grabbed from the women, the guns, knives, and other weapons, then quickly killed and/or captured the British soldiers. The French-Canadians at the Fort were not harmed.

The Ojibwa held onto the fort for a year before the British regained it.

I like how the expanded Hing Hay Park came out. I just hope that anyone who’s lived near it since before the upgrade can still afford to.

Danica Roem won her race in Virginia's 13th district. Two years ago she was the first openly trans lawmaker in the US to be elected and serve in a state legislature; now she's the first trans person to be re-elected. #VAPol #transgender

Do Not @ Me, I Am Under My Weighted Blanket

hot take I think that textile education is incredibly important and we should know where our clothes come from cause its amazing and so labor intensive and so many people around the world are doing this as their jobs! many people think that all the weaving is done by machine but actually running these large mechanized looms is still an incredibly skilled profession and weaving in general is way less robotic than people think it is.

Earlier today I was trying to figure out why a stranger's hoodie was annoying me. Then I realised that the text warping applied to the back design made it look just like a series of CAPTCHAs. Why, anonymous graphic designer, why?

Hey #Seattle friends, reminder that it's election day and to please get your ballots in by 8 PM!

"the boomer trolley problem" 

Upcoming Genocide, Roma 

Live music has been my favorite entertainment for a long time. In that time, some parts of the experience have got significantly better, most notably the fact that it’s now years since I’ve been in a cigarette-filled venue. But there are some recent developments I really don’t appreciate, like how tonight’s show involved phone-only tickets, metal detectors at the door, and two cops in the balcony lobby. At least the venue isn’t trying to sell me a VIP experience this time....

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